April 2017 Meeting

Education Topic:  Hand Embroidery Basics

The April meeting of the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild was held on April 23rd at the Home Inn & Suites in Stonebridge.  Tarra M. lead a discussion and demonstration of hand embroidery basics.  Tarra has been hand stitching labels for her quilts and minis for a few years now.  She has also used her creativity to embroider personalized gifts for people including pillow cases and napkins.


Tarra discussed basics such as fabrics, needles, floss/thread and hoops that she recommended to use when creating embroidered pieces.  Some of her suggested tools of the trade are shown below along with a book that she finds a great resource of information for anything stitching.   Thank you Tarra for sharing with the group!

Heather also brought some books from the Guild Library to remind everyone of the great resources that we have for any topic of creating.

tarra 5

We also welcomed a guest – Charlene who became a member! Welcome Charlene!

Other business discussed included:

  • A visit by Nicole & Darla to the Prince Albert Quilt Guild on April 25th to discuss Modern Quilting.
  • The Charity quilt is back from Quilt Con and will be submitted to the Saskatoon Ex along with the Saskatoon Quilt Guild show in October before being donated to Ronald McDonald House of Saskatchewan.
  • Communications position is still vacant!  If you want to take on blog post writing and the newsletter along with some shared social media responsibilities please let us know!
  • We are at 29 members this year so far!
  • At this time, due to a lack of volunteers to come forward to plan a quilt show, the show tentatively planned for 2018 will not proceed.
  • We collected the final ugly blocks from our challenge in February.  These will now be compiled into a modern designed quilt and given to charity.

Book/ Blog/ Bolt 

Jana brought some examples of quilting subscription boxes that she signed up for.  She showed us what was included in them and the true final cost after the USD exchange, duty and shipping.

She brought a Quilty Box  which featured Monaluna Design fabric, thread, a pattern and Flatter sample.  The other box was the Sew Sampler available from the Fat Quarter Shop.   This box contained the popular Cotton + Steel Les Fleurs & Wonderland fabric, pattern, thread from Cotton & Steel along with a cool magnetic pin bowl and notebook.

Barb P. brought in a cute Riley Blake bundle she bought from Dinkydoo Modern Fabric.

barb bolt

Charlene brought a book on Modern Quilting for your domestic machine.  Time to get out of the ditch!  This is a great book with lots of great ideas for machine quilting.

barb book

Heather also brought in some of the new Heather Givens fabric line Literary! Great low volume fabric.


Travelling Quilts

Barb made these blocks for Sherry.

barb p trv sherry.jpg

Sherry made these blocks for Jana

sherry trv Jana.jpg

Jana & Nicole made these blocks for Val

Jana also made these cute owl blocks for Elizabeth.

jana owls.jpg

Val made this pineapple for Lisa’s retro theme and some other geese strips and cute fussy cut cups.

val 4 liz.jpg

Elizabeth made these wonky stars for Barb P.

liz for barbp.jpg

Darla made this strip using Nicole’s fabric choices for her quilt.

darla for nic.jpg

Show & Tell

Nicole showed a dress that she made for her daughter using the Geranium dress pattern from Made By Rae. She went on to make two more that night!

nicole show.jpg

Donna made this bright and beautiful quilt for her daughter and brought it in for us to see!

Jana made this warm and fuzzy flannel quilt using the Canada 150 fabrics available in stores right now.

jana flan.jpg

Sherry made this beautiful butterfly mini for herself to enjoy! And Bev made this wonderful modern mini too.

Elizabeth whipped up this snappy tote bag using the new Maker Maker line of linen.

eliz show.jpg

Elizabeth also made this spectacular quilt last month but we forgot to include it in the blog post!


And we want to take a moment to wish Elizabeth a fond farewell as she prepares to move to New Brunswick for a new job opportunity!   Stay in touch!

And that is a wrap on the April meeting!

The next meeting is Sunday, May 28th at 2pm in the Home Inn & Suites in Stonebridge.  Our education topic will be Quilt Math with Jen M.




March 2017 Meeting

Education Topic: When Bad Things Happen to Good Quilters

We had a great time discussing and showing some good examples of when sometimes no matter how much planning you do, mistakes still happen to quilters.  Here are some of the common mistakes we talked about:

Squaring Up – Darla showed how if you don’t square up your fabric and apply enough pressure on the ruler, you end up with not a straight strip of fabric.



We also talked about the importance of squaring up blocks as you construct your quilts.  The above block should have finished 12.5″ but you can see by the spare strip of fabric that it came short by 1/4 ” on one end and upto 1″ on the other end. One way to avoid this is to ensure you are using an accurate 1/4″ seam when piecing.  There are a number of different tricks and pointers out there for finding the right space on your machine. All machine manufacturers also have 1/4″ feet available for their machines.   A simple test you can do on your machine is to sew 5 2.5″ squares together.  Press to one side.  Measure the strip and it should be 10.5″. Make any needle adjustments necessary.

Using different machines – Val discussed the importance of using the same machine for your projects.  If you use two separate machines, you risk having blocks not finish at the right size.  She spoke of a past project where she used two different machines and the blocks finished on one machine finished an inch shorter than blocks made with the second machine.

Losing Your Vision – Nicole brought a quilt she made this year. Her plan was to have a minimalist triangle quilt.  It didn’t quite turn out that way.  She also had this quilt as an example of to not quilt in the dark! She didn’t realize that she had changed different shades of blue in the quilting.   See below.

Tension Issues – always check the back of your quilting, not just the front!! We have all seen pictures on Instagram.  Make sure you check your tensions so you don’t end up with loose threads on the back!

Planning Your Design – You’ve got your top all done and a cool backing now be sure to take the time to plan your quilting design to finish off your quilt!  Nicole and Jen suggested practicing your design on a quilt sandwich, doodle on paper.  You can also practice your your quilt design on a busy section where it will be less noticeable.  And for all of the planning you may do ahead of time, sometimes when you start quilting the plan takes a different turn and you just have to go with it!!

Quality Fabric Selection – Elizabeth and Nicole discussed the importance of using high quality quilting cotton.  Both had examples of situations where cheaper fabric was used. Nicole had blocks made and then had to wash the blocks due to something staining them.  The cheaper material came apart and the blocks were a mess to deal with after.   Elizabeth mentioned that Oxi Clean helped get the stains out of her quilt stain situation.


It was a great discussion that everyone participated in!

Ugly Block Challenge – Members brought some ugly blocks as part of the challenge from the February Meeting.  All remaining blocks are due at the April meeting.


Book/ Blog/ Bolt 

  • A reminder that your local library continues to be a great source of quilty and crafty inspiration!  Darla brought a stack of books recently taken out on loan from the Saskatoon Public Library.
  • Lisa brought some new lawn fabric for all of us to see!


  • Heather brought in some of her Quilt Con fabric purchases!

Pouch Swap

We had our finale for the pouch swap with members.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this swap!! There were some fantastic pouches given and received!!

bag swap

Travelling Quilts

Another month of blocks made for those participating in Travelling Quilts.

Sherry made Nicole some log cabin blocks with her requested colour palette.


Barb made Darla her blocks showing scale.


Darla made Sherry’s blocks using her fabric included for the blocks requested.


Val made Elizabeth this great tree block for her quilt.


Elizabeth made Lisa a retro strawberry and connected it with cool low volume fabric with forks and spoons!


Val’s starter blocks are great log cabins using the colours shown.  And Lisa made the star block for Barb.

Show & Tell 

Some more great quilty goodness shown by members this month!

Sheila has been busy making baby quilts and her family’s Christmas quilt for 2017! The back is just as great as the back on the Christmas Triangles quilt.

Dyanne made a bright and bold bargello quilt for one of her children.  She used real insignia flags on the back too!

Nicole also made an amazing bargello quilt at a recent class held at Prairie Chicks in Warman.


Nicole also finished a long time WIP for her Mom.


We got our charity quilt back from being on display at Quilt Con in Savannah, Georgia this past February! See above.  Thank you again to Bev for planning and designing this beauty and to all of the members for participating through creating diamonds!  And a huge thank you to Michelle at Saskatoon Long Arm Studio for providing the spectacular long arm quilting!! This quilt will be entered at the Saskatoon Exhibition and the Saskatoon Quilt Guild shows this year before being donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Saskatchewan.

The Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild wishes Sarah Ethier a fond farewell as she moves to Winnipeg for a great new career opportunity.  Thank you Sarah for being the Communications Chair this year!  You did a great job!

I think this provides a good summary of the meeting.  I know that we didn’t get pictures of everything so I apologize for missing a few items.

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend at the April meeting where Tarra will be demonstrating and discussing hand embroidery.


We have a new meeting location!

Meeting Reminder and NEW LOCATION!!!

Just a reminder our next meeting is this upcoming Sunday, July 26th at 2pm in the community room at the Sobey’s in Stonebridge. This is a new location for us! The Sobey’s is located at 3100 Preston Ave South, right at the corner of Circle Drive South and Preston Ave. The community room is located inside the main doors and then inside the doors to the left (exit). 
What to bring:
– Travelling quilts if you are participating
– Show and tell!

New members always welcome. 

Any questions feel free to e-mail Jaclyn and Carly at SaskatoonMQG@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

Call for Entry!

Did you know we are having a little modern quilt show on June 14th? More details will be coming soon but for now we wanted to share that we have put out a call for entry. Click above on the Events link to be taken to the form and additional details. The information can be copied and pasted directly into an e-mail and sent to us at saskatoonMQG@gmail.com, or printed out and mailed in. Please also let us know if you have any questions.

We can’t wait to share modern quilting with Saskatoon and area!

May 2014 Meeting Recap

Let’s pretend it’s May okay? Not buying it? Okay well how about the first week of June? I’d like to take you back to that time when Saskatoon was just exploding into summer…are you there? Good. Now let’s do our May meeting recap!

Edith and Dyanne did a wonderful joint presentation on borders and squaring . We learned many helpful tips including how to avoid cutting your foot, and how to use borders in a modern quilt. Here is Edith showing us how it’s done:

May 2014 Meeting

We also talked about…yeah I can’t remember anymore.

But we did see some beautiful quilts including the results of our WIP challenge (we saw a few more too but for some reason many of the photos did not turn out):

May 2014 Meeting-2

May 2014 Meeting-3

May 2014 Meeting-4

May 2014 Meeting-5

May 2014 Meeting-6

Next up June! Sorry to make you wait so long this time.

Summer Sew-in!

We haven’t finished the May meeting recap for the blog or the June Newsletter but we wanted to tell you about a special event coming up!

We will be having a summer sew-in on June 21st and 22nd at Periwinkle on Broadway.

This event will be members only and SPACE IS LIMITED so please send us an e-mail if you plan to attend.

This is the weekend of our regularly scheduled June meeting. We will be breaking from 2-4 to hold our meeting, so even if you’re not coming for the sewing be sure to come to the regular meeting.

Date: June 21st and 22nd 2014
Time: Around 9am until whenever we feel like stopping each day. It’s not a sleepover though (but wouldn’t that be fun?).
What: A fun time sewing with your SMQG friends. Bring whatever you want to work on, we have zero structure for this, just free time to sew and chat.

What to bring:
– Whatever you need to work on your project. There are 5 classroom machines you can use if you don’t feel like bringing your own (let us know), there are also cutting mats and pressing stations so no need to bring your own unless you are particular.

This event is free to attend;  the SMQG will cover the cost of the room rental. This is just one way we want to say thank you to our members.

Food will not be provided. Bring a snack to share, meals can be arranged amongst the group. Feel free to bring whatever you want to eat, some of us may go out, some of us may order in, no set plans.

Any questions feel free to e-mail Jaclyn and Carly at SaskatoonMQG@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!

March 24th 2014 Meeting Recap!

You’ll have to excuse the photos in this post. I had some major camera issues right before the meeting and had to resort to my iPhone for official picture taking. As a result some of the pictures are not very good and some are missing completely.

This was our first meeting in Periwinkle’s new location on Broadway avenue and we had a full house! It was so nice to see many familiar faces and a few new ones as well. The new space at Periwinkle is much larger and we are just so happy we get to use it. We even went on a little store tour after the meeting to check out the new space.

After a little business the wonderful Lisa lead us on a binding lesson. She made some great samples and I think everyone took something away from her talk. She also provided us with a list of resources which I have added to our resource page. Be sure to check it out.

March 2014-2

We also gathered up our pouches which are en route to the East Midlands MQG as part of a swap we are doing with that guild.

March 2014 

We also showed off the results of our scrap challenge, in January we challenged members to swap a plastic bag full of scraps with another member and see what they could make. Some of the pouches above were part of the challenge as well. There were a few other pieces as well and unfortunately I don’t have pictures of them all. Everyone did a great job!

March 2014-3 March 2014-4 March 2014-5

At the end of the meeting we also did some regular show and tell. We love to see what you are working on.

March 2014-6 March 2014-7
March 2014-8 March 2014-9
March 2014-10  

Thanks again for a great meeting everyone! Hope to see you next month.

P.S. Here is a sneak peek of our banner. It’s coming along nicely. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the effort.

March 2014-11

February 2014 meeting recap!

We had a great meeting today and despite the location change you seem to have found us!

Today we talked about our future Sunday meeting space. Periwinkle is still graciously providing us with meeting space so when they move at the end of this month we will also be moving. Details about their new location (on Broadway Ave) will be communicated before the next meeting. Thanks so much to Periwinkle for being such great hosts!

We also talked about the upcoming Regina quilt show (did someone say road trip?), the 2014 budget, our swap and challenge deadlines (pouches and scrap challenge for the next meeting please), and new happenings with the Modern Quilt Guild (Fabric challenge! Quiltcon!).

We also collected more banner blocks and we can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks to Lisa and Kelly for working so hard putting it together for us.

After the business was taken care of I did a little presentation on precision piecing with the help of a really bad block made by Carly (thanks for making such a terrible block, I know how mentally taxing it must have been).

Then it was on to my favorite part of the meeting, show and tell! Hope you enjoy:

February 2014

February 2014-2

February 2014-3

February 2014-4

February 2014-5

February 2014-6

Thanks for another great meeting!

Quilt Donation to the Saskatoon Cancer Center

Several months ago, Patti donated a lovely FQ stack of fabric that she won. As a guild we decided to make blocks and turn them into quilts for charity. You might remember that from this post in June. The quilts have been donated to the Saskatoon Cancer Center.

At the Sewcial we were finally able to get all three completed quilts together with enough hands to hold them up! Beautiful Blackstrap Lake was our backdrop. We hope these quilts find their way to the arms of people who could really use a warm hug.

Chairty Quilts 2013 Chairty Quilts 2013-2 Chairty Quilts 2013-3Chairty Quilts 2013-4

Great work everyone – and thanks again, Patti!