Quilts for Broncos


A Note From Wendy at Haus of Stitches in Humboldt:


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped us launch this project, the countless hours that volunteers have given of their time to help us collect, record and finish quilts and tops. The response from the quilting community around the world has been truly overwhelming and amazing, not only with quilts but with your kind words and support.

As the days passed the numbers affected by this tragedy grew till we were well beyond our initial estimate of 200 quilts. Now that we have had a chance to accurately determine the number of quilts needed, and calculated the number of quilts that have arrived, along with the ones that we know are on their way to us, we are confident in our ability to achieve this goal.

Please continue to finish up any quilts that you have started and send them to us here in Humboldt by May 18th or sooner. If you have not yet started a quilt, we kindly ask that you turn your generous and charitable efforts to other groups in need such as the Toronto Attack or other groups in your community in need of support.

We still have work to do assembling and quilting the tops we have received before we can distribute them. Any help finishing these is greatly appreciated. The guilds in our area have been outstanding with their support and assistance in this project. Please keep a watch on [the Quilts for Broncos Facebook] page as distribution will begin in the coming weeks.


The deadline for blocks/tops/quilts to be received in Humboldt was Friday May 18th.


Donations of fabric, batting, backing, thread, or monetary donations toward these items, are greatly appreciated and should be sent to Haus of Stitches in Humboldt.

Haus of Stitches is now able to accept monetary donations over the phone. The shop phone number is (306) 682-0772. Any fund left over from quilt related expenses will be donated to the Broncos.

Pictures from other Quilters?

Instagram: search #quiltsforbroncos

Facebook: put #quiltsforbroncos in your search bar on Facebook

Be sure to use this hash tag on your Instagram and Facebook posts so that others can find your Broncos work!

We are now shutting down the comments section of this webpage and ask that you send any questions to the Humboldt quilters via Haus of Stitches.  They also have started a Facebook page called “Quilts for Broncos”, we will share the page on our social media.





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  1. I will be sending either blocks or quilt tops.. From Newfoundland. Thank you for putting this out there..


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