Meeting Reminder! May 25th – 2 pm

As of the minute this is posted to the blog, you have less than 72 hours to finish up that UFO for our UFO challenge!

I’m working hard to get this one finished…

Also – our swap pouches from UK have arrived!  If you can’t make the meeting but your name was on the swap list, we’ll save one for you.


So – finish those projects!  We’ll see you Sunday, May 25th at 2pm at Periwinkle on Broadway.

IMPORTANT: Sunday Meeting location change!

Hello all!

As suspected, with the move happening for our gracious hostess, Periwinkle Quilting, we will need to change our location for our Sunday, Feb 23rd meeting.

We will be meeting from 2-4pm in the Community Room at the Greystone Co-op (8th St & Emerson) where we have our regular Wednesday meetings. If you haven’t been there before, it’s just off the pharmacy and will be filled with gabby, chatty quilters all hopped up on Starbucks.

This should be the only interruption of our regular habits for now. And we can all look forward to Mar 23rd when we can meet at the great new location for Periwinkle on Broadway! Yay!!

Have you finished your banner blocks?