February Meeting Review

We hosted our first regular meeting of 2020 Sobeys Stonebridge community room on February 23rd. Barbara led the educational portion of the meeting with a talk on bindings. Her talk was so engaging that even one of our members with 4 quilts waiting for bindings might finish these up! Some of us like piecing, other like the quilting, and it seems… that fewer like the final stage of binding. At least that was until Barbara inspired us.

Different bindings: A. Scrappy, B. Wide, C. Faux 2-colour flange, D. Colour matching to piecing on quilt top (the colours showed better on the back)

Barbara brought her samples in a heaped shopping cart. What a delight to see so much of her work at once. We also saw examples of hand stitching, machine stitching with decorative stitches, tacking with glue prior to sewing, and backing fabric as the binding.

Forget the binding and turn with right sides together

When the selection of the binding is overwhelming, maybe an option is just to put the right sides together, sew around the perimeter leaving an opening for “turning”, pull the right side through the opening, and then stitch down. What binding would you like to try on a future project? How do you choose the fabric for binding your quilt? Do you cut and select the binding before or after you make the quilt, have you downloaded the Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator app? Thanks Barbara for giving us so much to think about.

February 2020 Meeting

Our next meeting is on Sunday, February 23 from 2 to 4 p.m. For the educational part of the meeting, Barbara Peardon will share with us her tips and tricks for bindings. As always, be sure to bring your recently finished quilts or quilting-related purchases to share with the group for show and tell and book, blog, and bolt.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Icebreaker
  • Announcements
    • Fall Workshop
  • Education – Binding with Barb
  • Book, Blog, or Bolt – We all want to know what new and interesting things YOU know about.
  • Show & Tell – Show us what you’ve made and your works in progress.

Membership Renewal

Membership renewal will go until February 28, 2020, to ensure no interruption of your online access to the MQG website.  Don’t forget to check on the many patterns, webinars, and articles available for members. The yearly membership of $60 provides you with four sew days, monthly educational meetings (except for the summer) for you to grow and share, online access to the MQG website, deals and discounts, swaps, QuiltCon access, and access to special events. Feel free to bring cheques or cash to the upcoming meetings in January or February or contact Bev to make arrangements for payment (bev.murray.drew@gmail.com). If renewal is not received by the deadline, your access online will be removed.