March 2021 Meeting Review

Such a lovely spring day but we still managed to have a great turnout. Thanks to all of you for making it such an enjoyable afternoon of sharing. Everyone’s collection of travelling quilt blocks is growing and it is so fun to see the subtle changes to colours and designs as each person interprets our blocks and perhaps adds some fabrics from our stash. This is also great for sharing techniques such as those by Barb for the paper piecing block. She suggested folding along the paper edge with a piece of cardboard to get a nice crease, and to cut with a 1/4″ ruler with a ledge.

Charlene did a fabulous talk about her virtual QuiltCon 2021 experience. We are all so very tired of Covid-19 but this reminded us that we can find the silver linings too. Wouldn’t it be cool if the conference could continue to at least post the quilt gallery online? We see quilts on social media but it was such a treat to buy an entrance fee so that we could see them all at once. And with the zooming function, we could still marvel at the stitching. And so many of us have this conference on our bucket list but it will be a while before it is feasible to go. When taking the virtual lectures, there was an opportunity to pause the videos and it was still possible to ask questions.

Our ice breaker today was “what or who inspired you to get into quilting?”. Next month’s theme continues to be one of inspiration as we are all going to teach each other. We will open with the icebreaker of “what is your favourite book or resource for quilting?”, then we are all to do show and tell of postcards that we are to make this month. We hope these creative assignments will help to inform and encourage each other to try new techniques. And as post cards are only 4″x6″, it could be a fun month ahead for all of us as the size of the project is not so intimidating! Stay safe.

February 2021 Meeting Review

We had our 2nd meeting of 2021 today and it was inspirational and fun. Here are some show and tell screen captures from the travelling quilt blocks. Start creating now to be prepared for April. Please make a fabric postcard using a technique that you have wanted to learn and miniaturize it, or go online and find a tutorial. Both Barb and Debbie had postcards to show so it is time for the rest of us to take this as motivation to do the same! Barb followed a tutorial at Next month, Charlene will be presenting on QuiltCon2021 at our meeting on March 28th.

At this February meeting, several of us presented on Fresh Living episodes on the MQG website. We all get access to these fantastic videos and great teachers as a benefit of membership so it was nice to be motivated to go find one to share. It seems like our interests are similar at this time because 6 of us (3 duplicates) had picked the same episodes. So here is a shout out to some of those episodes we discussed:                 

  • Episode 103  – Curves and strips with Jen Carlton-Bailly – We loved the glue basting and curves and the suggestion for the 28 mm cutter for curves
  • Episode 109 – Scraps and pieces with Shannon Brinkley –   She makes interesting designs with small scraps of fabrics 
  • Episode 109 – Paper piecing with  Elizabeth Dackson  – She showed this with templates
  • Episode 201 – Applique with Anna Maria Horner – This shows how piecing and applique techniques can be combined
  • Episode 301 – Ebony Love uses negative space in a kaleidoscope block

An as another suggestion, Nancy suggested we checkout the Saskatoon Public Library for quilt books. They have a great selection and you can put a hold on these if they are out or at another branch.   Happy sewing until next meeting.