April 24, 2016 Meeting

What an exciting meeting we had today! So much going on and even some new faces! Settle in for a photo and information rich post!

Our co-chairs, Darla and Nicole, recapped the March meeting and made some announcements.

For those participating in the Riley Blake Challenge, the fabric finally arrived (much later than anticipated leaving only a month to meet the challenge deadline). The fabric will be distributed but there will no requirement to meet the deadline given the late arrival of the fabric.


If you are interested in road-tripping with other members to the Regina quilt show on Saturday, May 7, please email before May 1. The general plan is to leave around 9:00 a.m., have lunch in Regina, spend some time at the show followed by a little bit of shopping at some Regina fabric shops, and then back to Saskatoon … probably in time for dinner. Nicole is putting together a fun scavenger hunt for those who are going.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

If you want to attend the Sewcial Day at Prairie Chicks in Warman on June 11 (9:30 to 5:30) and haven’t already signed up, please send Sheila an email.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Denyse brought the following announcement to the group:

N Jefferson Ltd, a wholesaler who provides notions to Century Textiles in Saskatoon, has announced a contest! Entrants must submit a mini quilt made with the theme “The Roaring 20’s”. Quilts will be judged on creativity and originality of design. First prize is $500 notions credit from Century Textiles,  second prize is $300 notions credit from Century Textiles, and 3rd prize is $200 notions credit from Century Textiles

  • Quilts must have been completed between March 31 and June 30, 2016.
  • Quilt size: no smaller than 12″ x 12″ and no larger than 24″ x 36″.
  • Quilts may be quilted by hand, machine, or both.
  • Quilts must be submitted via hi-res photo by Century Textiles

See the contest poster front here and the details here.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Heather circulated brochures and forms for those interested in submitting quilts for the Handmade Showcase at the Saskatoon Exhibition in August. If you are interested and need more information, please email Heather.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Donna, a new member who, in addition to being a quilter is also an engineer, has requested 6″ rainbow blocks that will be made into a quilt that will be drawn for at a conference in the fall with proceeds going to a yet to be chosen organization that supports women and children. She welcomes 6″ rainbow blocks (any interpretation of a rainbow) from anyone, not just our guild members. Please email Donna if you have any questions or would like to get some blocks to her. Feel free to use prints and/or solids.


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Monika Kinner-Whalen, an embroidery artist, “Unravelled the Mysteries of Thread” for our members today. So interesting! She talked about different thread weights and their purpose and she talked about different types of threads … cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, etc. She talked about how thread is made and explained what “mercerized” and “double gassed” means and why it matters. She dispelled some of the myths many of us have about cotton vs polyester threads and encouraged us to experiment. There was a lot of useful information. Take a look at Monika’s website, My Sweet Prairie, and see the amazing thread painting she does!


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Monika showed us her own very sweet little baby blanket. She re-discovered it a few years ago. It was quite shredded and falling apart so she carefully washed it, rebacked and rebinded it, and then put a layer of tulle over the front (to prevent further deterioration of the cottons that were falling apart) and used embellishing stitches over the whole thing. She then made a label to honour the woman, now gone, who made it for her. The little quilt now hangs on a wall in her home. What a great way to preserve something so dear.


She showed us how the polyester fabrics in the quilt have maintained their colour whereas the cotton fabrics have not only lost colour but some have all but disappeared. In the detail below, the 2nd block down is (was) cotton and the only thing left of it are some threads hanging on the edges. What you’re seeing is the batting!


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Sheila announced details about a new guild activity! A BEE! We’ve never done one within our guild before. It should be fun! A sign-up sheet was passed around and Sheila will organize us all into hives, assign a Queen to each month and then the fun will begin. All details, once we have them, will be made available on the website under what will be a new “BEE” page. Watch for it.

Sheila showed us what will be her starter block for her bee. Blacks, whites, greys, with a hit of a colour.


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Some members brought some BOOKS and BOLTS to share with the group.

Flo brought two books about free-motion quilting that she has been using to further expand her skills. “Free-Motion Machine Quilting” by Don Linn is, according to Flo, very good for FMQ beginners. Now that Flo is well beyond a beginner, she is particularly inspired by the book “Quilting Wide Open Spaces” by Judi Madsen. Flo is going to make one of the quilts in her book and then quilt each block as instructed by Judy. By the time she’s done, Flo will have mastered a lot of new FMQ designs! Other members confirmed that if you have a chance to do a workshop with Judi Madsen, it’s well worth it.


Lisa showed us a stack fat quarters she recently picked up on Massdrop … “because her husband liked them”! They are a Cloud 9 organic fabric: “Moody Blues” by Geninne, an artist from New Mexico perhaps best known for her painted birds. So pretty!


Sonya, too, had some beautiful fabric to show! Believe me, the photo doesn’t do them justice. The softness of some of them in particular is amazing! Buttery! They are, left to right …

  • Kokka double gauze
  • Andover purple chambray
  • Striped linen (not sure of the details)
  • Nani Iro double gauze
  • Cotton and Steel rayon
  • Cotton and Steel cotton lawn
  • Liberty cotton lawn


Sheila and Heather both brought the magazine, “Make It! Patchwork (Summer 2016)“, which has several interesting projects in it. If you follow the above link, you’ll see photos of all the project in the issue. Heather also brought the magazine “Weekend Quilting, 2016“, with some nice projects in it, too. Heather bought both of hers at London Drugs and Sheila bought hers at Indigo. If you would like to borrow either of these magazines, please contact Heather.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

And now, Show and Tell!

Sheila showed our Charity Quilt, which recently came back from being shown at QuiltCon in Pasadena. It will next be shown at the Regina quilt show and at the Saskatoon Exhibition’s Saskatchewan Art Showcase before making its way to Ronald MacDonald House where it will be given to someone who needs it.


Tarra showed us the sweet cover she made for her Quilter’s Diary. There are zippers and pockets and Tarra explained what she learned while making this and what she would do differently next time. The pattern includes sizes for different kinds of notebooks. Of course, that’s a “Tarra-made” dress she’s wearing!


Barbara showed us a quilt she recently made using a pattern in the book, “Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe“. Barbara’s favourite part is the free motion quilting and this quilt left lots of room for showcasing her quilting. She likes to make a matching pillow for her quilts.


Flo had two quilts to show. First her chevron quilt, which she said came together quite easily … until she decided to use some of the leftovers in a diagonal across the back. She said it was a real headache to figure out but it does look great.


Flo’s 2nd quilt is one she’s been working on for quite a while. She had decided that applique would be something she could do easily while she travels, which she does a lot of. And here is the result! Appliqued daffodil AND her first try at quilting fmq feathers! They look great, Flo!


Sheila made this vibrant paper-pieced butterfly and set in on an angle. It’s a gift that will be gone before our next meeting so this was our only opportunity to see it.


Heather showed a zig-zag baby quilt top that she recently finished. It’s a little large for a baby quilt, but that’s just what happened. She very bravely chose NOT to trim her HSTs and, tada, it all came together perfectly much to her surprise! She pieced the back just in time for the meeting. The baby is due any day, so she hopes to get the quilting done within the next week or two. Since it will, hopefully, be finished and delivered before the next meeting, she thought best to show what there is of it now.


Sonya made a beautiful new dress! Love the fireflies and the trim on the pockets! Adorable!


Patti (left) has been busy making a variety of bags. She made several sweet lined drawstring bags and a very cute and springy little purse!


Nicole made this mini very effectively using ombre fabric.


Sheila recently had a birthday and was gifted with some special things from members of the “birthday club”. She went gaga over these quiltish napkins and over the divided baskets Darla made using a Noodlehead pattern. Darla found the canvas for the outside of the baskets at Century Textiles in Saskatoon. There are so many other goodies Sheila got from the “birthday club” group! How fun! Happy birthday, Sheila!


And here we all are! What a great meeting!


Quilted Bar detail TarraLog cabin Quilt detail divider bar by Tarra

March 27, 2016 Meeting

With our meeting falling on Easter Sunday, I wasn’t sure if anyone would show up at all. BUT, they did! The group was a bit smaller than usual but still a surprisingly good number! With most of us needing to get home for Easter dinners we kept the meeting short.

Members had some projects to show off!


Darla talked about the Sugar Block Club to which she has subscribed. It’s a block of the month series hosted by Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock. Above is one of the blocks.


Bev brought some beautiful work in solids to show us! Above is her traveling quilt! The blocks were made by members using their choices from a bunch of solids supplied by Bev. We were to make improv trees. Bev has since added some of her own to finish the top. Don’t you love the little house in the forest?

There were lots of scraps of solids left over and so Bev whipped up the beauty below!


Lisa is working on an Easter backpack. Such cute bunny fabric. There are still some raw edges to stitch and some straps to add.


Dahlias hold special meaning to Sonya and so she is making this brilliant version of a Dahlia. Her process description was fascinating. She is always trying something new.

You can find the free pattern at Betukbandi. And here you will find the Jaya Paperless Method that Sonya used. Apparently it’s “super easy”! Sonya talked, too, about how she added the outside fabric. I don’t think I quite understood but it sounds brilliant and also “super easy”.


Donna made this sweet table runner and the yellow and grey quilt below.


Here is some oh, so modern applique done by Kerri!


While it’s hard to make out Sheila’s cross stitch design below, the photo looked so ethereal, I just had to share it anyway. Sheila is making this beautiful mandala cross-stitch as a gift for a friend. She advises that stitching on black is much more difficult than on white.


Nicole showed us this beautiful ombre fabric. She is combining it with these Tula hexies for what will surely be a gorgeous finish.


Our Quilt Show – The Photo Album

Enjoy the show!

Kristin and Elizabeth took a turn as greeters!

Elizabeth and Kristin SMQG Quilt Show March 2016

Tarra co-ordinated the concession which included goods baked by our member volunteers. She and Kim are here with the goods!


The mini quilt display sponsored by Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond.


Our traveling quilt display was sponsored by the 440 Quilt Shop.

Five members completed their traveling quilts in time for the show. As explanation, traveling quilts started with a member providing a block and some guidelines that could range from very loose to very restrictive. Each month the quilt passed to a new member who would then add a block and pass it on next month until the quilt came back to the member who started it. Each member then had the fun of putting their quilt pieces all together. These are the results.

Lisa’s on the right.


Kim’s first traveling quilt.




Tarra’s. Here Tarra also models a dress she made.


Kim’s second traveling quilt.


Some of our coolest and youngest visitors had obvious favourites.

Lily at SMQG Quilt Show March 2016Coolest Kid at SMQG Quilt Show March 2016

Because we don’t use drapes behind our quilts for the show, we get this wonderful effect of seeing many quilts at once.



If you have any questions about our show or any of the individual quilts, just contact us!

Charlie Harper Quilt by Patti109-P1040734-001098-P1050006-001085-P1040991-001087-P1040993-001



073-P1040976-001064-P1040964-001051-Jaclyn's Fractal Quilt SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001037-P1050058-001





We have a few members who sew clothes in additional to quilts.

Tarra loves to sew clothes for herself and for her family. She’s wearing one of her dresses and she displayed several of the ones she’s made for herself and for her daughter.


Dyanne made the patchwork jacket below.


And then it was over!

3-Quilt Show Take Down March 2016SMQG Quilt Show 2016 Finished

We hope you’ve enjoyed the show and that you’ll plan to come to our 2018 show.

Photo credits to Sheila and Heather.

The 2016 SMQG Quilt Show – Thanks to Our Sponsors

We are so pleased with the enthusiasm shown for our quilt show on Sunday, March 13. We are very grateful to our sponsors and the vendors who support our guild and our show.

SMQG Quilt Show Sponsors March 2016

The Sewing Machine Store

046-Sewing Machine Store Booth SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond – Michelle, the proprietor, hung her recently completed and so amazing hand-pieced quilt in the show and she kept her shop open on Sunday so show attendees could use their show discount coupon on the day of the show. Periwinkle also sponsored our Mini Quilt display.

052-Michelle's Milliflore Quilt SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Unique Textiles Studio

048-Unique Textiles Vendor SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

440 Quilt Shop – a vendor who also provided a raffle prize and sponsored our Traveling Quilts display.


Century Textile and Sewing Supply  – provided a gift basket to be raffled.

Canadian Quilters Association

045-Canadian Quilt Magazine Booth SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

My Sweet Prairie Studio / Monika Kinner-Whalen

050-Monika Vendor SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Monika’s daughter Arwen also sold her handmade jewelry at the show.

049-Arwen Earrings Vendor SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Thank you again from the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild. Below are just some of the volunteers from our guild who are responsible for the success of our show. Thanks, members for your time, muscles, planning skills, baking skills, crafting and sewing skills, and … most importantly, your creative, modern quilting skills! And for being a fun bunch!

Thanks to those who are non-members for submitting your modern quilts to be shown and many thanks to everyone who came to see what we’ve got going on.

053-SMQG Quilt Show Member Volunteers March 2016-001

The door prizes and raffle winners are:

Early Bird Ticket Purchase – Sewing Hack Basket

Winner:  Beth Andrews

 440 Gift Pack

Winner: Kristan Bogdan

 Periwinkle Prize Pack

Winner: Donna Herman

 Century Textiles Prize pack

Winner: the double lucky Donna Herman

 Photo credits to Sheila

February 28, 2016 Meeting

This meeting was mostly about preparing for our upcoming quilt show on Sunday, March 13, 2016. The show planning served as impetus for our educational component, for our mini quilt swap, and lot of the chatter.

Sheila, our educator this month, demonstrated a little adjustment to the usual “double fold binding” technique that makes the process quicker and, according to Sheila, a little easier and neater, too! I’m going to try it for sure! It involves preparing the binding as usual but, instead of pressing it in half, simply … don’t. Sheila feels it makes for neater corners and hand-sewn finish without having the crisp seam down the middle of the binding. Jaclyn also uses this method and the only pressing she does is to press the binding out (away from the quilt edge) after machine sewing it on.


Sheila also showed us the lovely flanges she added to a couple of her recent quilts. She uses a 1″ strip folded in half and sews in to the raw edge of the quilt on the front. When the binding is sewn on, it leaves a nice flange detail. Easy and effective. Sheila chose to add a colourful “partial flange” to a part of her quilt that she felt needed a hit of colour near the edge. Brilliant!


And while we’re at it, let’s take a moment to admire the full quilt, one she just finished for her 6 month old Claire. I love the rich colours! You want to see the back, too, of course!


Sheila then provided instructions and talked us through the process of adding hanging sleeves to our quilts for the show. She provided some tips such as making sure to stitch down the sleeve on the ends.


This month’s “Book – Bolt – Blog” component was brought to us by Nicole who started by showing us a book she bought recently. After taking the Lucey Training (the longarm quilting machine at Periwinkle) she picked up a book in the shop that has been very helpful for her in choosing and mastering quilting designs. The book is Step-By-Step Free-Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli. It looks like a good one!


For “Bolt”, Nicole went OFF the bolt and reminded us that sheets can serve as quilt backs as well. She showed us the quilt she is just finishing and that she backed with a sheet she bought on sale at Target’s closing sale. Bonus, she has matching pillow cases for her quilt! She recommended that sheets with high thread count not be chosen and to also avoid sateen finishes because it’s hard to neatly unpick stitches sewn on sateen.




The Tula Pink FreeFall fabric, while lovely and soft, falls into the same category as “sateen finishes”. You don’t want to have to unpick any stitches made on it. Others have noted that it also frays easily and one person warned that the navy FreeFall fabric bled. It is recommended that a “colour catcher” should be used in the wash. One brand of these handy items can be found at Prairie Chicks in Warman.  Others noted that they haven’t had any problem with their FreeFall fabric bleeding, at least not in the other colours.

screen2bshot2b2015-10-142bat2b11-08-002bam-1For “Blog”, Nicole introduced us Lucky Spools Media, a quilting publisher. Their version of the a “Block of the Month” is called the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. It’s a 12 month subscription service. You can find them on Instagram and use #mightylucky to see all the creative things people are working on! If you like what you see, consider joining!

Kelly updated everyone as to where she’s at with the quilt show plans. Next Sunday (March 6), all members (whether they have quilts in the show or not) are invited to Heather’s house any time after 1:00 (for as long as it takes) to finish bindings, sew on hanging sleeves, make items for the sale table, help others with their last minute finishes, or just hang out and be a part of it all. If you don’t know Heather’s address, simply email her and ask. Since Heather’s house is where all the quilts are to be dropped off for the show, come on by and bring your show quilts, too! FYI … Heather speaking … Kelly likes to call this event the “Hangin’ Hoedown”! The only problem is that I don’t have any country music on my playlist so I don’t want to mislead everyone!

Next on our meeting agenda was the Mini Swap! All the minis made were put into a bag and each participant drew out one. These will all be in the show.


And then we moved on to everyone’s favourite part of our meetings … Show & Tell!

The first quilt of the 2nd traveling quilt round is finished and ready for the show! Way to go, Kim! It’s a beautiful modern maples quilt with blocks contributed by guild members. Kim wanted the blocks to be offset a bit so she added strips of fabric here and there for the effect. I love the teeny leaf!


We’ve been eagerly waiting to see Lisa’s finished traveling quilt (from the first round). She spent a lot of time adding filler blocks and fabric pieces to create this beauty! She even paper-pieced a little corgi at the top to commemorate one of her beloved dogs who died recently. She also paper-pieced SMQG and I only just noticed that she brilliantly added the numbers “twenty fifteen” in the top right corner (cut from the Ikea fabric she used for the backing). Clever! There are so many interesting things to see in this quilt! Well done, Lisa!



Elizabeth has almost finished her SteamPunk quilt. We admired the creative quilting that she did using Lucey at Periwinkle. The quilting design for the “gears and fog” is wonderful. She had purchased the pantograph for the gears but found that it wasn’t the size she wanted so she went through a rather complex process to adjust the size and then transfer the design onto the backing. It really is a wonderful compliment to her theme and worth the effort! The backing, FreeFall by Tula Pink in grey, really works well with the gears!




Darla showed us the very pretty butterfly she paper pieced for her Mom’s Christmas gift. It’s so bright and cheery. Her Mom loves butterflies!


She also showed us this “creature mini” she made for a swap she’s a participant in.


Darla is almost finished this pretty little quilt she made with a charm pack she was given for Christmas.


Edith made this cute runner for her daughter-in-law who likes sheep! Baaaaa haha!


Edith also made this happy little quilt using up her scraps (and some of Sheila’s scraps) of “Cotton & Steel”. She backed it in the popular and incredibly soft FreeFall by Tula Pink.


Three years in the making and Kelly has finally finished her “Elephant Quilt”. It’s big, exotic, and beautiful! I love the elephant fabric she chose for the backing.


Lisa made this wonderful bag for Darla as part of a group exchange they’re both part of. Lucky Darla!


Nicole has had babies on the brain for very good reason. In preparation, she whipped up a whole bunch of burp cloths! She must be expecting a lot of that kind of thing!


Lisa reminded us about the Prairie Piecemakers Quilters Guild Regina Quilt show on May 6 and 7, 2016. Who is interested in a road trip?  For those who might be interested in entering a quilt, you should know that entries are being accepted until April 1. Read the details here. Watch for a member email about the road trip.

On an added note, our charity quilt made it to QuiltCon! You can see a tour of ALL of the many charity quilts that were made using the same technique and the same fabric palette. It’s amazing how different they all are! So many amazing quilts! Here is the link to the tour video by Cheryl Arkinson. Our quilt is at 8:20 in this clip and Cheryl’s quote is, “This one is cool! Again it appeals to my mid-century modern heart.” Watch for our quilt! It was visualized and organized by Carly, quilted by Lisa, and many other members had their hands in making the blocks, binding and labeling it. The finished quilt will be gifted to a guest at Ronald MacDonald House where it will provide comfort, warmth, and hopefully cheer to someone who needs all of those things.

Finished QuiltCon Charity Quilt 2016

Our next meeting is Easter Sunday, March 27! Same time. Same place.

January 24, 2016 Meeting

Such a well-attended, jam-packed meeting we had!

After greetings, thank you’s, introductions, and general guild business we got to the fun stuff.

Book + Blog + Bolt

BOOK: Heather told members about the guild library and how to access it at LibraryThing. Any members who would like to share their own books, patterns, and tools need only send Heather a photo of the items they would like added to the library.

Heather also showed and talked about a few beautiful coffee-table type “art quilt” books. Denyse is one of the few in our guild who makes true “art guilts”. It’s interesting to see that many of the gorgeous quilts in the books are also “modern quilts”. The lines between the two types of quilts are sometimes blurred. Art quilts can be a good inspirational source for modern quilters. To borrow any of these or other books, patterns, and tools, contact Heather.

Sheila also showed us “The Quilter’s Planner” by Stephanie Palmer, the Late Night Quilter. This awesome little day planner is lightweight and coil bound, has boatloads of graph paper and note sections for designing your own quilts AND includes links to a whole bunch of modern block tutorials! There is almost one in every week of the planner!

BLOG: Sheila talked about a few of her favourite modern quilting blogs. Check them out!

Blossom Heart Quilts by Alyce always has fresh and modern block tutorials and finished projects to go to for inspiration. Particularly versatile are the Bee Hive block series of tutorials. There are 24 blocks in this series which all have secondary patterns when put together! And you can turn them in many different ways for endless permutations of beautiful quilts! Case in point is Patti’s amazing quilt using the Checker Block (see below).

Another great resource is Cloud 9 Fabrics. This site (in addition to fabric for sale!!) also has a section called “Make it Sew” where you will find tutorials for quick sew projects like zipper pouches and such and more modern block tutorials.

 Fresh Lemon Quilts is loaded with beautiful designs! Faith has a beautiful portfolio of bright modern quilts with bold design elements. She has both paper and pdf patterns for sale on her site. You will also find some fabulous block tutorials and some patterns for free!

 Last but not least, check out Badskirt. Amy has some more stunning block tutorials to inspire you in your modern quilting designs! Here you will find the coveted “x and + block” tutorial, and some pretty cool paper piecing patters too!

 BOLT: Sheila brought some “fabric porn” for us all to pet and admire. She belongs to a “Cotton and Steel Club” through Mad About Patchwork and had just received a couple of shipments of new fat quarters.

SMQG Modern Quilt Show, March , 2016

Kelly informed everyone about the behind-the-scenes work that has gone into the quilt show so far. Members are invited and encouraged to sign up for volunteer duties, which include putting up posters, selling pre-show tickets, helping with set-up and take-down, and working shifts at various locations during the show. Of course, everyone is encouraged to quilt like fiends to finish up projects for display in the show. Please submit your entry forms by February 3. You can find the form on the Events Page, along with all the information about the show. We hope some non-members will want to display their quilts in our show, too.

Mini Scramble

All interested members are invited to make a mini quilt due at the February meeting, after which all participants will go home with one made by someone else! Of course, the ulterior motive is to have a bunch of mini quilts for display at the quilt show! Get busy, everyone!

Traveling Quilts

Traveling Quilts Group 1 finished their blocks in the fall. Sheila brought her finished quilt top to show. It’s a beaut! She used all the blocks made by members and filled in with blocks of her own. It’s gorgeous! There will be more to come from Traveling Quilts Group 1.


Traveling Quilts Group 2 passed on some blocks.

Darla made this cool pirate ship for Nicole’s “sea themed” traveling quilt. Lisa found the teeny-tiny, temporarily missing piece to complete this fantastic grouper fish for Nicole.

Carly made a painted pebble block for Jaclyn’s “pebble themed” traveling quilt. She used a technique Jaclyn learned at a QuiltCon workshop last year. The tutorial can be found at Rossie Crafts


Jaclyn made these cute sugar loaf triangle blocks for Sheila.


Sheila made these pretty blocks for Tarra’s traveling quilt.

Sonja’s medallion themed traveling quilt looks amazing! Kim was the last to add a contribution.


Show & Tell

Elizabeth showed us this inspired quilt top that we hope she’ll finish and display in our show. She explained her themes of “steampunk” and “nature” that resulted in this beauty. Can’t wait to see what she’ll do with the quilting!


Nicole made this great, green Glimmer quilt to curl up under at home.


Nicole has also been busy making sweet baby quilts for friends. The blue one was made using a strata to build log cabins. Very effective! The pink one is one of two she made from what was going to be one large quilt. She decided it was too much pink and so she cut it up into two baby quilts. This one she brilliantly named “Drift”. She used pink ombré fabric so effectively.



Johanna showed us this pretty almost finished quilt for her wee one. It is full of wonderful texture … different fabrics and trims for baby to explore.


This was Patti’s Christmas tree this year! Such beautiful paper-piecing! She used the patterns by Lillyella.


Patti also made this oh so very modern quilt featuring Lecien’s First of Infinity and L’s Modern Basics fabrics. Patti has named this quilt “To Infinity and Beyond” (so clever) and she used the Checker tutorial by Jess who blogs at Elven Garden Quilts.


The back is great, too!


Two days before Christmas Sheila decided she needed to make wee Claire a Christmas stocking and, while she was at it, she made coordinating ones for the whole family! That’s 4 stockings. Two days before Christmas. Crazy!


Sheila’s modern maples quilt is beautiful.


She backed it with a swath of Tula Pink.


This little feather mini is Darla’s first try at paper-piecing, a technique she has since been embracing with gusto (note the pirate ship earlier)!


Darla also made this modern wonky star mini.


Tarra made this beautiful green quilt for a favourite aunt.


The FreeFall backing fabric by Tula Pink that Tarra backed her quilt with is incredibly soft to the touch.


Marilyn showed us the stack of oven mitts she made as a “green project”. She recycled old towels as the batting and she also used these to teach herself free motion quilting. By the time she finished these oven mitts she said she surprised herself at how well she was able to keep her stitches even.

I hope you enjoyed the show! If you aren’t a member, consider joining the fun!

November 22, 2015 Meeting

At our November meeting, Sonya showed the group the quilting software EQ7.  She demonstrated the features and benefits of the software, such as the endless amount of quilt blocks to choose from and fabric library it has built in so that you can mix and match colours to create the perfect block.  And the best part, it will print the pattern, cutting instructions and fabric yardage required for each colour selected based on quilt size!  It will also print paper piecing patterns for the block.  Very Cool! Thanks, Sonya!

As usual, Show & Tell is a meeting highlight that everyone looks forward to.

Dyanne made a nice table runner with applique leaves and lots of negative space.  She stitched the leaves with great contrasting thread that shows up on the backing.

11-Dyanne made a great neg space table runner

1-back of table runner

Edith made a large warm and fuzzy quilt with flannel blocks on the front, batting, and a minky backing.  This is a nice heavy quilt for a cold winter day!  It was quilted by a local long arm quilter.

12-Edith made huge warm and fuzzy quilt

At the weekend retreat at Shekinah, Jaclyn finished large-sized baby quilts at lightning speed.

14-Jaclyn quilt - show and tell

16-Jaclyn's quilt show and tell

Erin made two sew-together bags for Christmas gifts and brought them to show everyone.  She did a really great job with all of those pockets and great fabric choices.

13-Erin made two sew together bags for gifts

Tarra used her Shekinah retreat time to make “Washi dresses”. She made 2 each for her daughter and herself using very cute Christmas themed fabric and (hilariously) washi fabric! They must be the best dressed girls in the neighbourhood!

02-more cute dresses03-tarra made cute christmas dresses for her and her daughter

Sheila’s traveling quilt is gorgeous! She quilted it herself on the new long-arm machine (Lucy) at Periwinkle.  Her quilt theme was bright saturated colours with dark and light neutral backgrounds.  All of the members who made her blocks did an amazing job of bringing this quilt to life! Sheila filled in the gaps with strips and blocks of her own devising.

07-sheila's TQR1 top quilted

This is the back of Sheila’s quilt.09-sheila's quilt back

Several traveling quilt blocks were made and exchanged.

This “harvest moon” by Sonya for Darla’s “prairie quilt” is enchanting!

05-Sonya's block for Darla TQR2

Tarra made, also for Darla’s “prairie quilt”, what appears to be a house and trees in a blizzard! Very Saskatchewany  The choice of the white on white bike path fabric is brilliant for a snowy sky.

04-Tarra's block for Darla TQR2

Lisa crafted some lightning in a dark sky for Darla’s “prairie quilt”.

01-LIsa's block for Darla TQR2

Jaclyn made these bright blocks for Tarra’s traveling quilt.

15-jaclyn's blocks for tarra TQR2

Darla made this block for Jaclyn’s traveling quilt.

10-Darla's block for Jaclyn TQR2

Nicole made this one for … you guessed it … Jaclyn’s traveling quilt!

08-Nicole's block for Jaclyn TQR2

Thanks, Darla, for taking photos and providing commentary! — Heather

Our October 25, 2015 Meeting

There was lots to share and see at our October 25 meeting. Challenge blocks were shown and traveling quilt blocks were made and passed to the next quilter.











Sonya’s traveling quilt is gorgeous and it’s not finished yet!


Kelly is the first to have all of her traveling quilt blocks put together into a quilt top! Looks great! Correction: Sheila is first to have her traveling quilt top finished. I just haven’t seen it live yet.


Carly took all of the contributed “jawbreakers” and put them together. Thanks, Carly! Next it’s to quilters and binders so that it will be ready to send to QuiltCon as a charity quilt.



Show and Tell is always inspiring.

Kelly’s working on a “shades of black and white ” project.



Julie made this gorgeous mini quilt (above) and this sweet mug rug for a tea drinker.

16-P1020185Nicole made a village.


Darla used the “friendship bracelet” pattern to make this pretty, reversible table runner. She was busy binding it at the meeting.



Sheila’s modern maples quilt is beautiful as is her bee block quilt below it.



Lisa’s gold and shades of black quilt is stunning!


This is the back of it.


This cute as can be little bag was made by Lisa.


This bag, also made by Lisa, was spotted in use by a member Lisa gifted it to.


I also spotted Lisa’s clamshell tote. I can’t remember if she made this one or if someone made it for her.


Great meeting!

The SMQG’s 1st Annual Showcase – June 2015

Our Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild is so excited to have presented our first ever showcase. We called it a “showcase” instead of a “show” because it wasn’t juried and there were no prizes or categories, etc. We also had some great vendors, a concession, and members sold some of their handiwork, contributing all profits to the guild. And people really came! We are so happy with how it went!

Here are some photos from the event … lots and lots of photos!

Our fearless leaders, Jaclyn and Carly, brought a van full of quilts organized and ready to hang.

Most of us were on hand for a group photo before the doors opened. Thanks to those who made our banner! This is the first time we’ve used it. Lisa finished stitching it the night before the show. We all contributed blocks to it and various members did the brunt of the work. Nicole, in the front sitting on the floor, is our guild’s event planner and she did so much work to make this happen!

SMQG Banner

Tarra was in charge of our concession. We all brought baking. She made her own dress. Of course.

I think over 250 people came! This table has lots of so nice handmade things on it for sale.

Fabric spotting at the show! Matching! This plus quilt was made by Heather who doesn’t even know this non-guild-member who visited the show! Cool!

This is the charity quilt made collectively by our members as part of the QuiltCon 2015 charity quilt challenge.

Charity quilt

Sheila with 3 of her quilts. You can see more of her quilts at her blog, Stitched by Sheila.

Patti with her giant plus quilt and and her half-square-rectangle quilt. She had several beautiful minis on display, too. Watch for the beautiful paper-pieced lion at the bottom of this blog post. To see more of Patti’s work, including beautiful bags, check out her blog at Retired to Quilt.

Darla with one of her quilts.

Darla and quilt cropped

Tarra with her raspberry kisses quilt. The back with the stars and the kids catching fireflies is beautiful, too.

Kim and one of her quilts in the show. Look for her oh, so cute “clean and dirty underpants” mini in the photos further down.

Kim and quilt 2 cropped

Kathryn and her first ever quilt! Quite an undertaking for a first project!

Stephanie with her modern lone star quilt.

Stephanie and quilt

One of Sonya’s. The back of it is gorgeous, too! Sonya also made her own dress. Of course.

One of Jaclyn’s. She had several in the show.

One of Kelly’s. Rich and warm Kaffe stripes.

Kelly and quilt

Bev had many quilts in the show but was unable to attend.

A coupe of Lisa’s many beauties. The first one is a Modern Alphabet using Tula Pink fabrics and the 2nd is flying geese made with Anna Maria Horner fabrics with lots of negative space for her to practice her longarm quilting techniques on.

Carly, the master of improv, had several quilts in the show. Do you recognize the representation of Star Trek uniforms in the 3rd one? The 4th one below is a Punisher quilt made especially for a brother-in-law. And below that is Carly’s take on the spider web quilt, including a little spider stitched into the quilt. See more of Carly’s quilts and check out some of her excellent tutorials at her blog, Citric Sugar.

Carly and quilt cropped

Heather had a few quilts in the show. You can see more of her quilts at her blog, Peace.Love.Quilt.

Heather and plus quilt

The blue and orange improv quilt below was made by Carly. Beside it is a colourful one made by Jaclyn.

We have a lot of nerds in our guild (said most affectionately). Star Trek and Star Wars are  represented in the two quilts below. Come to think of it, everyone in our guild is probably a bit nerdy!

This bargello quilt was made by Nicole.

Nicole and quilt cropped

You can see my two circle baby quilts at the bottom of the photo below.

Jaclyn made the quilts at the top left and bottom right of the photo below. The rest were made by Bev (I think).

And look at all the mini quilts and postcards in the 3 photos below. These are all made by guild members.

We had several vendor booths.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at the show! Thanks to those of you who came in person!