Our Quilt Show – The Photo Album

Enjoy the show!

Kristin and Elizabeth took a turn as greeters!

Elizabeth and Kristin SMQG Quilt Show March 2016

Tarra co-ordinated the concession which included goods baked by our member volunteers. She and Kim are here with the goods!


The mini quilt display sponsored by Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond.


Our traveling quilt display was sponsored by the 440 Quilt Shop.

Five members completed their traveling quilts in time for the show. As explanation, traveling quilts started with a member providing a block and some guidelines that could range from very loose to very restrictive. Each month the quilt passed to a new member who would then add a block and pass it on next month until the quilt came back to the member who started it. Each member then had the fun of putting their quilt pieces all together. These are the results.

Lisa’s on the right.


Kim’s first traveling quilt.




Tarra’s. Here Tarra also models a dress she made.


Kim’s second traveling quilt.


Some of our coolest and youngest visitors had obvious favourites.

Lily at SMQG Quilt Show March 2016Coolest Kid at SMQG Quilt Show March 2016

Because we don’t use drapes behind our quilts for the show, we get this wonderful effect of seeing many quilts at once.



If you have any questions about our show or any of the individual quilts, just contact us!

Charlie Harper Quilt by Patti109-P1040734-001098-P1050006-001085-P1040991-001087-P1040993-001



073-P1040976-001064-P1040964-001051-Jaclyn's Fractal Quilt SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001037-P1050058-001





We have a few members who sew clothes in additional to quilts.

Tarra loves to sew clothes for herself and for her family. She’s wearing one of her dresses and she displayed several of the ones she’s made for herself and for her daughter.


Dyanne made the patchwork jacket below.


And then it was over!

3-Quilt Show Take Down March 2016SMQG Quilt Show 2016 Finished

We hope you’ve enjoyed the show and that you’ll plan to come to our 2018 show.

Photo credits to Sheila and Heather.

The 2016 SMQG Quilt Show – Thanks to Our Sponsors

We are so pleased with the enthusiasm shown for our quilt show on Sunday, March 13. We are very grateful to our sponsors and the vendors who support our guild and our show.

SMQG Quilt Show Sponsors March 2016

The Sewing Machine Store

046-Sewing Machine Store Booth SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond – Michelle, the proprietor, hung her recently completed and so amazing hand-pieced quilt in the show and she kept her shop open on Sunday so show attendees could use their show discount coupon on the day of the show. Periwinkle also sponsored our Mini Quilt display.

052-Michelle's Milliflore Quilt SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Unique Textiles Studio

048-Unique Textiles Vendor SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

440 Quilt Shop – a vendor who also provided a raffle prize and sponsored our Traveling Quilts display.


Century Textile and Sewing Supply  – provided a gift basket to be raffled.

Canadian Quilters Association

045-Canadian Quilt Magazine Booth SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

My Sweet Prairie Studio / Monika Kinner-Whalen

050-Monika Vendor SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Monika’s daughter Arwen also sold her handmade jewelry at the show.

049-Arwen Earrings Vendor SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001

Thank you again from the Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild. Below are just some of the volunteers from our guild who are responsible for the success of our show. Thanks, members for your time, muscles, planning skills, baking skills, crafting and sewing skills, and … most importantly, your creative, modern quilting skills! And for being a fun bunch!

Thanks to those who are non-members for submitting your modern quilts to be shown and many thanks to everyone who came to see what we’ve got going on.

053-SMQG Quilt Show Member Volunteers March 2016-001

The door prizes and raffle winners are:

Early Bird Ticket Purchase – Sewing Hack Basket

Winner:  Beth Andrews

 440 Gift Pack

Winner: Kristan Bogdan

 Periwinkle Prize Pack

Winner: Donna Herman

 Century Textiles Prize pack

Winner: the double lucky Donna Herman

 Photo credits to Sheila