Tutorial: The QAYG Guild Bag

Hi – and if you’re joining us for the first time from CitricSugar today, welcome!

Our guild was pretty excited to participate in the Madrona Road Challenge that has been going on!  We still have some members finishing up their pieces, as we only got our fabrics at the beginning of this month, but it’s been fun to see what people have been coming up with and we’ll post when we’ve got all the finishes!

At the time I got my fabrics, I was also thinking that I needed some kind of tote to take to meetings and generally keep all my guild biz organized.  I wanted it to have pockets and room for my binder, clipboard, name tag, and any day-specific supplies.

Then I get the fabrics. Then I get an idea!  Two birds. One stone.

Madrona Road Challenge + a dearth of appropriate tote bag = The Quilt-As-You-Go Guild Bag!!

I thought about what I needed, how I wanted it to look, made a little sketch to plan it out for myself and away I went…

If you’d like to make your own, read on!  (Photo heavy… be warned.) Continue reading