February 2014 meeting recap!

We had a great meeting today and despite the location change you seem to have found us!

Today we talked about our future Sunday meeting space. Periwinkle is still graciously providing us with meeting space so when they move at the end of this month we will also be moving. Details about their new location (on Broadway Ave) will be communicated before the next meeting. Thanks so much to Periwinkle for being such great hosts!

We also talked about the upcoming Regina quilt show (did someone say road trip?), the 2014 budget, our swap and challenge deadlines (pouches and scrap challenge for the next meeting please), and new happenings with the Modern Quilt Guild (Fabric challenge! Quiltcon!).

We also collected more banner blocks and we can’t wait to see the finished product! Thanks to Lisa and Kelly for working so hard putting it together for us.

After the business was taken care of I did a little presentation on precision piecing with the help of a really bad block made by Carly (thanks for making such a terrible block, I know how mentally taxing it must have been).

Then it was on to my favorite part of the meeting, show and tell! Hope you enjoy:

February 2014

February 2014-2

February 2014-3

February 2014-4

February 2014-5

February 2014-6

Thanks for another great meeting!

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