January 2021 Meeting Review

Our virtual sew day was super fun because we introduced our 2021 traveling quilt blocks. Those participating have one month to make block(s) to contribute to the quilt in their possession. Then the projects keep travelling. If we want these quilts for Christmas, we will have a couple of months to finish them as the rotation will stop in September. Eight of us are participating and here is some eye candy to prove it. Our inspiration is also provided. Of course anyone not in the rotation is welcome to add blocks if they want a challenge too.

We are set for another year with Anne joining the Executive. Thank you to Charlene for all of her support in the Co-Chair role over the past 2 years. The next meeting is on February 28th at 2:00 p.m. With a miracle it would be a sew day. Realistically, it will be virtual again so those on the mailing list please watch your email for Zoom call-in details. If you are receiving the emails and not rejoining, please advise and we will take your name off the list. We are hoping that all members will pay their annual dues of $60 by the next meeting so we can start using an updated mailing list. Happy sewing!

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