October 2016 Meeting

This recap will be mostly photos. Since I wasn’t at the meeting, Nicole kindly took these photos so those absent could still enjoy the show!

Those participating in the colour challenge from 2 meetings ago, brought their pieces. This modern (and very yummy looking) runner was made by Sarah.


Sherry’s colour challenge is a circle work-in-progress.

Dyanne was very inspired by her colour challenge. Not only did she finished this cute apple wall-hanging, she has started a most intriguing additional mini quilt.



Here are a some star bee blocks for Margaret.

These 2 bee blocks are for Bev and were made by Val. I can’t wait to see this finished quilt. So many beautiful blocks have been collected over the past couple of meetings.


This confetti bee block was made by Sherry for Elizabeth.


For our November meeting, Darla is requesting blocks in the style below.


Sherry made this pretty mini with some fine matchstick quilting.


Bev showed this amazing quilt! What a gorgeous colour study!


Dyanne created this beautifully scenic art quilt.


Lisa created this oh, so cute paper-pieced squirrel mini.


This amazing dragon (with a serendipitous eye – totally by fortuitous accident) was made by Tarra.


September 2016 Meeting

In September we met in our new location, which we’re very happy with it. The space is a great size, lots of windows along one wall, and very comfortable. Yeah!!

Don’t forget that our next meetings will be there as well, which is at Home Inn & Suites at 253 Willis Crescent, Saskatoon (map link). It’s just a hop-skip from the Sobey’s location that we’ve outgrown, behind the Stonebridge Cora’s.

A special treat at this meeting was that Patti S brought a whole bunch of extra blocks that she decided to destash! Several of them were very cool, intricately made paper-pieced blocks she had made while pattern-testing. And she had many other lovely orphaned blocks as well.Dyanne, too, brought some fabric that she was destashing. There were many delighted members going home with some extra padding in their bags. Thanks, Patti and Dyanne!

Bee Hive #1

Flo received blocks blocks from her hive.


Margaret is the next Hive#1 Queen Bee and will be expecting her blocks at our October meeting. She has asked for 6.5″ or 12.5″ (unfinished) star blocks of any style in her chosen colour palette. You can find instructions on the website.


Elizabeth is Hive #1 Queen Bee after that and will be expecting her blocks at our November meeting. She’s ahead of the game and has provided her instructions early so the keeners can get started ahead of time. Here is an example of what she has requested from her hive – “confetti blocks”. Elizabeth has provided the background fabric. You can find instructions on the website.


Bee Hive #2

Hive #2 had a break because of Kim’s unanticipated move out of province. We’re going to miss her!

Sonya is the next Queen Bee and she is asking for “retro” themed blocks. She has provided a link to her pinterest board that will surely inspire her hive members. She got her colour palette inspiration from the crayons she pulled for the “colour challenge” of two meetings ago. Instructions can be found on the website.


Blog Book Bolt

There had beens some discussion about “matching seams” and Patti S directed us to the  nesting/spinning seams tutorial by Cristi of Purple Daisies Quilting. You can find the tutorial here. Give it a try!  Cristi says, “Nesting and spinning seams (which may be called something different by another quilter) is my absolute favorite way to reduce the bulk at the intersection of multiple seams.Not every seam can be nested and spun. As you create blocks and quilts, you’ll begin to discover when this method will come in handy for you.” She links to a video tutorial as well. Thanks, Patti!


Flo had very positive things to say about the book, Step-by-Step Free Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli.


This led directly into the always popular …

Show & Tell

Speaking of how much we’re going to miss Kim, some of our members put together this churn dash quilt as a farewell gift for her. We hope she thinks of us often and keeps in touch.


Flo made this little seasonal mini. Correct me if I’m wrong, Flo, but was this not also your “colour challenge” piece?


Flo also showed up this recently completed quilt, the project she took on to better learn free motion quilting. The quilting on it is beautiful. She did a project from the book, Quilting Wide Open Spaces by  Judi Madsen,in which different designs are suggested for all the various parts of the quilt. It’s a beauty! Flo commented that while this was a great learning project and she’s delighted with the results, she personally prefers less dense quilting, which results in a softer quilt with more drape.


Sarah made this adorable little houses mini!


Heather brought her friend Marzieh to the meeting to show her very first quilt. Heather has been teaching Marzhieh to quilt and wants her to have the full quilt guild experience so she can take this new skill back to Tehran when she goes. We think she must be hooked because she’s already planning quilts into the future. Just a little more binding to finish on this one along with a label and it will be ready to give to Marzieh’s little niece.


What a stunning bag Patti S made!  At a previous meeting she showed us this wine coloured cork fabric she had purchased and this is what she made with it. She even made the tassel! It’s such a sturdy purse and one-of-a-kind. The cork bottom and straps makes it very wipeable and the floral linen is beautiful. Totally perfect and inspiring, Patti!


Inspired by Tarra’s and Sonya’s beautiful home-sewn wardrobes, Amy made herself this gorgeous top! This looks great on you, Amy!


Educational Component

What a great hands-on paper-piecing session we were treated to at this meeting! Darla and Patti S demonstrated English paper piecing and Foundation paper piecing. We were all able to try both techniques and, for those of us who haven’t yet tried them, I believe the seeds of interest and confidence were planted.

We learned both the gluing and stitching techniques for securing hexagons (and other shapes) in English Paper Piecing. We also learned a couple of different ways to stitch them together. Patti brought examples to show us and supplies to play with.

Patti doesn’t buy her paper shapes, she prints them from this site.

A Bee In My Bonnet has a good tutorial for using the needle and thread basting method.

Sew What Sherlock has provided a good glue basting tutorial.

Sunshine Creations has a detailed tutorial on how to sew EPP pieces together using the ladder stitch. She offers several tips and tricks not covered in most tutorials. Patti, too, says she takes an extra stitch at the corners for added security.

Anjeanette Klinder provides a slight variation on the ladder stitch, which she feels better hides the stitches.




Darla and Patti both had lots to show and tips to share about Foundation Paper Piecing. And, of course, since there are other members adept in these techniques, there were interesting discussions and much sharing of tips and suggestions.

There’s a free beginner tutorial on Foundation Paper Piecing on Craftsy.

Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts has provided a free feather template and a paper-piecing tutorial.



What a great meting! The hands-on session was a wonderful addition and so interesting! Thanks to those who put so much work into the educational components of our meetings. I think we get a lot out of them.

Update about the October Sewcial

It was a great turnout for the October Sewcial on Sunday, October 4.  There were 16 people at the high point.  Everyone really enjoyed the day and the space to spread out projects and chat with others.  We hope to have more in 2017.

August 28, 2016 Meeting

Note that our Sunday, September 25 meeting (and all meetings after that) will be held at the Home Inn & Suites at 253 Willis Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7T 0V2 (map link). It’s just a hop-skip from the Sobey’s location that we’ve outgrown, and behind the Stonebridge Cora’s, if that helps.

Yes, we were quite crowded at our meeting. We’re not complaining because it’s great to have so many people there!

Educational Component

Darla and Nicole gave us a most excellent introduction to Colour Theory and provided us with many examples and some excellent resources. One recommended source of information is Craftsy’s Quick Guide to Color.


Darla found the book Quilt Color Workshop to be an excellent colour resource.


Blog Book Bolt

Nicole introduced us to the book, Savor Each Stitch: Studio Quilting with Mindful Design by Carolyn Friedlander … and Darla recommends The Quilt Block Cookbook by Amy Gibson.

Sheila brought a couple of books to share. Patchwork Essentials: The Half Square Triangle by Jeni Baker (HSTs are one of her favourite blocks) and Scraps, Inc. Volume 1: 15 Block-Based Designs for the Modern Quilter.

Lisa recently purchased these beautiful fabrics at Periwinkle. The Thicket Critter Project Panel by Gingiber comes in large or small animal sizes and she also bought some of the coordinates.

Since Sonya is participating in the popular “block-a-day” project on Instagram, she reminded us of Tula Pink’s City Sampler: 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. I’ve been seeing her blocks as she posts them and the resulting quilt is going to be GORGEOUS!! Check out the Instagram hashtags #100modernquiltblocks #tulapinkcitysampler #100days100blocks. By the way, Sonya made the beautiful dress she’s wearing and Jaclyn brought her adorable, wee babe for us all to enjoy!


Bee Hive #1

Bee blocks were turned in for Bev. How wonderful are these?!


Flo is next up. These are the style of block she’s asking for. The instructions and colour palette can be found on the Bee Hive #1 page.


After Flo, Margaret will be Queen Bee for Hive #1 and these are the blocks she will be asking for. This is just a teaser! Instructions aren’t yet available. Keep watching the Beehive page and your email.


Kelly is the first to finish her Bee Hive quilt top. She did a “bento box” quilt and it looks fantastic!


Bee Hive #2

Blocks were turned in for Tarra.

Due to member Kim suddenly on the move (boooo), Hive #2 gets a break in in September.

Sonya will be up next.

Show & Tell

Sheila scored some great “flying geese” leggings! On sale! And, if you know Sheila, you know she is one of the fastest quilters around! This tank top is perfect for her!


Flo made great carry-all bag and gave a very positive review of the pattern. If you’re interested, it is The Professional Tote by the Creative Thimble.

One of Flo’s favourite quilting tools is this little device she uses to close the safety pins when she’s basting. It’s a Safety Pin Fastener made by Unique. Heres a link to a review and even video instructions for how to use it.


This is a sweet, sentimental project by Lavonne. She’s using her beloved Grandmother’s scraps to construct these critters (the pattern is Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman). She also had a VERY funny story to tell about her excursion with a friend to Duck Lake to check out the quilt shop there – Mami’s Country Quilts. If you haven’t been, you might want to plan a little trip. It isn’t all that far north of Saskatoon.


Erin made this adorable Sew Together Bag.


Remember those six inch rainbow blocks we were invited to make? Well, Donna has made them into not one but TWO quilts! One is a finished quilt and the other is, so far, a quilt top. They will be hung in the new children’s museum when it opens. Donna used rainbow blocks and, in the spirit of environmentalism, used scrap denim for the sashing and borders.

Our guild made and donated this beautiful quilt to #quiltsforpulse. Many guilds and individuals from all over the world sent blocks and/or quilts to Florida to comfort those impacted by a horrific event there earlier this year. Thanks Lisa, Sheila, and Heather for all the work you did on this. Lisa quilted it beautifully.


This Four Seasons quilt has been a long-time project for Jen. It’s so pretty!


Flo has been whipping up these handy travel cosmetic/jewellery/electronic gadgets/whatever-you-can-think-of bags for her family and friends. She made up the pattern … of course.


Heather spent most of her summer putting together this Glam Clam quilt for one of her daughter’s friends. She used a free pattern on Craftsy by Latifah Saafir. This is the 8″ clam. There are patterns for other sizes, too.


Sherry put together his cute, little baby quilt. Lots of interesting things to see for some lucky child.


Inspired by last month’s “scraptastic” session, Sherry dug into her scrap bins to put together this lovely quilt top.


The topic of “Liberty Fabric” came up and so we all admired this bag that Sonya made for Lisa. It’s SO pretty! All the hexagons are made from Liberty fabric. The telephone fabric inside is so cute! We also learned that using rivets to attach handles is a good option.

The pencil case above is Lisa’s. It’s very cool! I love how, when unzipped, it folds down and stands up. Brilliant!

Donna C Brought her friend friend Sylvia to check our guild out. Sylvia has been pattern testing and so she shared with us the outcome, which is this circle design quilt top. Very nice! Thanks for visiting, Sylvia! We hope you come again.


Dyanne, our art quilter, made this very cool 1920s themed hanging for a contest. I can’t believe she didn’t win! There are so many great details.


Erin’s sister-in-law made her this sweet clutch.


During the meeting, Sonya was working away and, because we were curious, she showed us her tools and technique for making the circles in her 2nd Meadow Quilt (designed by Lizzy House – Sonya learned to make this quilt at a workshop in Seattle with LIZZY HOUSE herself!!). The circle cutter and rotating mat is making things so much easier for her.

July 24, 2016 Meeting

Darla kindly provided both photos and text for this post about the July meeting. Thanks, Darla!

To have 22 members attending a meeting on a summer weekend is AWESOME!! We have outgrown the meeting room at Sobey’s. Stay tuned for news of a new meeting space for September!

Quilts for Orlando

This meeting was the last opportunity to submit blocks to be included in the #quiltsforplus quilt that will be be put together over the next few weeks by Lisa, Heather, and Sheila.

QuiltCon 2017 Charity Quilt

Bev is leading the charge for our guild’s QuiltCon 2017 Charity Quilt. She presented the membership with three ideas: 1) curves, 2) improve, and 3) diamonds. The group chose diamonds. The theme established by QuiltCon is “Scale”. Fabric choices will be discussed at future meetings and Bev will come up with an approach. Exciting!  Thanks, Bev, for taking the lead.

Photography Challenge

We were all reminded about the Photography Challenge. Photos must be entered before the August meeting. Apparently there have been hashtag issues. Someone will investigate and, worst case, people will have to email entries. Use #smqgphotochallenge on your IG postings or email saskatoonmqg@gmail.com.

Education Component: Scrappy Quilting and Managing Scraps

We had a great discussion on what constitutes a scrap. While some may consider anything less than a fat quarter scrap fabric, some would put that same piece of fabric back into their yardage. Some members brought bags from their scrap bins to show and discuss what they would do with their scraps and how much they have. Some people sort their scraps by colour, by designer or by project.

Then we turned the topic over to Val, who is meticulous, to say the least, about her scrap fabric management! She cuts her scrap fabric into assorted sized squares and strips then sorts and stores those squares and strips in trays inside of bins in her sewing room. And her fat quarters – She has over 50 of the bins (pictured below) in her sewing room sorted by colour! All of her yardage is folded neatly and stacked in a cabinet ready to go.

Val's fat quarter filing system

Val went on to show us some of the books she uses as inspiration for scrappy ideas. Some have more traditional quilts in them but can easily be suited to the modern aesthetic. Thanks for the great presentation, Val!

Val brought quilts to show how she has used some of her scraps. The low volume squares quilt uses 3” centre blocks and 1.5” strips from her scraps.

03-Val 1.5inch strip quilt

The red quilt uses Kaffe scraps, batiks and other bright fabrics from her scraps.

Vals bright scraps quilt

Val’s scrap paper-pieced quilt is something she has been working on for 3 years with smaller scraps that don’t get cut into strips or squares. She also showed her gypsy wife quilt in progress (sorry, no photo) using scraps from her stash.

01-Val showing scrap paper piece quilt

Kelly brought her fractal quilt that was created using her scrap fabric from assorted lines and designers. She told us that she truly created each block ‘blind’ by just reaching behind to grab a fabric piece and putting it with what she was sewing – a true surprise finish in the end. Looks great! The back of Kelly’s fractal quilt includes a strip of truly scrappy selvedge edges!

05-Kelly fractal quilt using all scrapsKelly fractal backing

Edith brought her Cotton & Steel scrap quilt. She sewed sections at a time and cut to fit the strip she was working on at the time.

07-Edith Cotton and Steel scrap quilt

Bee blocks

Hive 1 – Participants brought blocks for Erin.

Bev brought fabric for her round of blocks for group members to use in creating her bird on a wire theme block. Find instructions for Bev’s bee block here.

Hive 2 – Participants brought blocks for Lisa.

Tarra wasn’t able to be at the meeting but we discussed her block request for next month. Instructions for Tarra’s bee block can be found here.

Book / Blog / Bolt

Lisa recently bought the book Quilt Lovely by Jen Kingwell. This book was the inspiration source for her show and tell baby quilt.

27-Book from Lisa source of baby quilt pattern

Show & Tell

Lisa made this awesome space quilt.

18-Show Tell Lisa Space Quilt front

The pieced strip on the back is, of course, much awwwed over by our nerdy group!

19-Show Tell Lisa back detail space quilt

Lisa made this sweet baby quilt, inspired by the book she brought to show us.

20-Show tell lisa baby quilt

Sonya brought three dresses that she has sewn. The middle is a Washi dress and the other two are made with such soft double gauze.

28-Show Tell Sonya dresses

Sherry made two beautiful table runners to show. The first one was made using the Row by Row pattern from the the 440 quilt store’s 2015 kit.

Sherry’s other table runner was made using scraps and fabric from Hawaii for the backing.

26-Show Tell Sherry rowxrow 440 kit 2015

Kelly quilt this richly coloured Geisha panel. She has others panels if any members are interested in them.

17-ShowTell Kelly geisha

Amy, a newly minted member made this gorgeous and bright star quilt inspired by one made by Wombat Quilts. She quilted it on Lucey, the longarm machine at Periwinkle Quilt Shop. It’s her first quilt! What a great start. We’re looking forward to seeing her next projects.

23-Show Tell new member AMy's first quilt

Quilters are “makers” and even though we’re a quilting guild our members make all kinds of other things and we’re always interested to see. Bev has a new and growing passion … pottery! Here are some of her latest creations that she brought to show.

This meeting we had a door prize draw! Two issues of Quilty Magazine featuring scrap quilts were won by Margaret and Kathy, a guest of Sherry.

Scrap stash challenge

Members were invited to bring bags of their own scraps to this meeting. Those participating  took scrap pieces from other piles and have been challenged to create something with them or use them in a project and bring to our September meeting. The result can be as simple as a mug rug.

Upcoming Sewcial Dates

  • Sunday, October 2, 2016 | 8 am – 8 pm  | $10 per member
  • Saturday December 3, 2016 |  8 am – 8 pm | No Charge per member

Both Sewcials will be held at Home Inn in Stonebridge behind Sobeys. Signups will take place at a later date.

June 26, 2016 Meeting

We had cramped quarters this meeting! It was difficult to get good photos!

Darla gave us a very informative talk about marking tools. She handed out dark and light fabric swatches so we could try the various kinds. It was helpful to have members throw in their 2 cents, too! I now feel much less afraid to use certain products on a treasured quilt top. Thanks, Darla! That was a great presentation!


In case we didn’t already know, Darla reminded us to make sure to test any marking tool on some scrap fabric first to see if it disappears as expected. And just because it works well on one fabric doesn’t mean it will work on another.  We tried Crayola washable markers, a variety of chalk markers, including the “stencil and pounce” method, tracing paper and wheel, . We experimented with a variety of marking pens and pencils, and the hera marker. For more information about marking tools, you might want to read, Sewing Essentials: A Guide to Fabric Marking Tools by Andrea Brown on the Craftsy Blog, this blog post from Linda Matthews, and this blog post by Lori Kennedy.


Patti ER showed us some of her latest fabric acquisitions: Burly Beavers by Andie Hanna for Robert Kaufman. Very Canadian! I know my son would like some boxers out of these.


Kelly brought a new book for us to check out. It’s Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle by Jeni Baker. She bought it for this particular idea.



Members of Hive #1 brought their strips of triangles for Heather.

Erin is the next Queen Bee for Hive #1 and she’s asking for scrappy strip-pieced blocks.


Members of Hive #2 brought their scrappy triangle boy blocks for Nicole.


Lisa is the next Queen Bee for Hive #2 and she’s asking for fishy blocks on navy. How cute are these??!!


You can find information about both Bees by clicking on the links at the top of the page.


People brought maple leaf blocks for Darla to send away. They’ll be made into quilts for people impacted by the fires in and around Fort MacMurray.

People also brought rainbow blocks for Donna’s Mining for Rainbows quilt project that will be displayed in the new Children’s Science Museum when it opens.


Lisa and Heather have agreed to put together a quilt with member contributions for people impacted by the terrible incident in Orlando Florida at the Pulse nightclub. A few heart blocks trickled in at this meeting. Hopefully there will be more at our July meeting.

Show & Tell

Show and Tell moved along at a furious pace and I can no longer remember which quilt belonged to who in some cases. Forgive my fried memory! I’ll do my best. Feel free to send me updates and corrections.

Barbara made this cool travel sleeve for a curling iron. In fact, she’s made several by now because they’ve been very much in demand. And how sweet is this?! It matches the travel bag she also made!

Sonya! Oh, Sonya! She picked up a banged up, old suitcase for $1 at a garage sale and then covered it in some very sweet Japanese themed fabrics. Then she made a bunch of adorable little doll clothes that fit in the suitcase along with her daughter’s dolls! What a lucky little girl! Oh, and of course, Sonya also made the beautiful, breezy dress she’s wearing. She made it using super soft and light double gauze.


And, of course, she dug into her Liberty of London stash to make this pretty dresden!


Tara made this sweet baby quilt for a little boy. And, of course, she made what she’s wearing, too – a very cute summer top. I so admire our members who make clothes and so many other things in addition to quilts.

Heather had this wedding quilt flimsy to show. The bride chose several of the fabrics and she wanted triangles. Next up, backing and quilting. It will only be a year late!


Edith had a special dog in mind when she put together this doggie mat. CUTE!!


Edith also made this awesome whale quilt. Those are a lot of whales she made! I SO LOVE that she put a single red whale in the mix.


Lisa has been collecting these X & + blocks for a long time now and she’s finally put them together into a very cool quilt top! So many special fabrics to find in there.


Elizabeth’s Mom made this incredible Gypsy Wife quilt. The colours are so rich! Elizabeth quilted it for her on Lucey, the long arm machine at Periwinkle.


I’m amazed at how quickly Patti ER put together this quilt top. It looks complicated but she said it wasn’t too challenging. It’s beautiful!


Flo, who amazes with what she’s able to accomplish, finished this gorgeous sampler quilt! Look at all those different blocks she made! She’s especially proud of her accomplishments with the quilting. Flo dedicated this year to becoming a more proficient and versatile machine quilter and it’s amazing what she’s been able to do! I’m both encouraged and humbled!


Kim! Love this quilt she made for a teacher gift. She always makes the teacher a quilt. I’ll bet the teachers at school have a lottery to see who gets to teach her son! Notice her great quilting on this, too. She’s been advancing her skills on Longarm Lucey!


Donna put together this very sweet hexagon quilt for a little girl.


Donna came across some vintage hexagon flowers and made them into this quilt top. Very cool to rescue old quilts blocks and make them beautiful and useful again.


We had three little guests at this meeting. Jacklyn and Nicole brought their baby girls for their first guild meet & greet and Sheila brought a sleepy Claire, who by now should be an honorary member!

Saskatoon Modern Quilt Guild Photo Challenge

Based on all that we have learned about photography from Randi Strunk (photographer – Bright-Side Photography) at our May 29 meeting, we are going to have a challenge for everyone to practice their photography skills over the summer.  Try out some new skills and tips while photographing your quilts or other sewing adventures.

The rules will be simple …

Just use the hashtag on Instagram #smqgphotochallenge and be sure to describe which of the challenges below your photograph is portraying/using. If you don’t have an Instagram account, just email your photos for the contest to saskatoonmqg@gmail.com and we will post them for you and enter your name for the random draw.


  • Photograph your quilt with its inspiration (child, artifact, etc.)
  • Quilts doing what they do best – Quilts in Action
  • Quilt Selfie (you and your quilt)
  • Best way to display a large quilt without a person holding it
  • Quilts in nature

The challenge will run from Sunday, May 29 until Friday, August 26 with winners announced at the August 28 meeting. The winners will be selected from random draws.

Have Fun!

For inspiration, here is a great quilt photo from our very own Patti!


May 29, 2016 Meeting

Randi Strunk of Bright-Side Photography was our guest speaker at today’s meeting and she gave us a lot of great information about getting better photos of our quilts.


Some of her tips were:

  • Prepare your quilt before taking photos. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into this quilt, so take the best photos of it to remember it by, especially if you’re giving it away. Make sure it looks its best. Press if necessary, trim threads, de-lint.
  • Take hanging apparatus with you to hang your quilt. You can use pant/skirt hangers, pins, clamps, clothespins or whatever else you can thing of.
  • Outdoor natural light is always best no matter the season. Look for a place with “open shade”.
  • Direct sunshine might not give your best overall quilt photo but it will highlight the texture of the quilting design … and any crinkles or wrinkles you would rather not feature.
  • Dappled light (through trees) and shadows might not show up to your eye when taking photos, will definitely show up when you view the finished shots. That’s why it’s good to check the viewer on your camera when you’re taking photos.
  • DO NOT USE FLASH!! Just try it without flash and with flash and you’ll see why.
  • If you have a tripod, us it. The steadier you can be, the better. You can also set your camera somewhere stable and use the timer. Or make yourself a tripod by stabilizing yourself as best as possible. Brace your legs and tuck your elbows into your body.
  • Take lots of photos! That increases your odds of getting a great one or more.
  • Position your quilt in interesting locations and get photos of it crumpled up, rolled up, draped, and with the person who will be getting it … maybe with them wrapped up in it.
  • Make sure something is in the photo with the quilt to provide scale. A pair of shoes, scissors, pins, a chair, a person, anything.
  • Don’t forget to get detail shots. Close-ups of your work will show things in a way a whole quilt photo won’t. You’ll be glad to have close-ups.
  • Get to know some of the options on your camera. Your digital camera and phone will already do a pretty amazing job of colour and light correcting but you can improve of that by using some of the various settings.
  • Use the macro setting for close-ups.
  • To get the type of photo that has a sharp image and a blurry background, try using the “aperture priority mode”, sometimes labeled as “A” or “AV” or “portrait mode”.
  • Experiment with the various options. Take the same photo using the various options so you better know your camera.
  • For editing your photos, Photoshop is great but costly and not easy to use. It’s for the serious photo editor. Photoshop Elements more basic, less expensive, and more user-friendly photo editor. Picasa has been a very good free program and very easy to use but it is no longer being supported and people are being asked to switch over to Google Photos (which has a lot of interesting features by the looks of thins, including editing features). Other good, free programs include Gimp, Irfinview, and PicMonkey.
  • DON’T FORGET TO BACK-UP YOUR PHOTOS!! Just a few of the options are Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, the Cloud, and/ or a remote hard drive.

And one of the best suggestions I’ve heard … Randi reminds us to give the camera to someone else or use the self-timer and get some photos of yourself making quilts. While we might not like having our photos taken, photos of us making our quilts will be important to someone. Such a good suggestion.

Thanks, Randi, for such an informative and useful presentation!

And, with all this in mind … all members are invited to participate in our guild’s PHOTO CHALLENGE … a fun summer project! And yes, there will be prizes! Find all the details HERE!

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Members have been making maple leaf blocks to contribute to #quiltsforfortmac. You can get all the details at the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild website. Darla will collect any from our guild at the end of June and send them in. You can click on the link above to find out where to send them if you want to send them yourself. They should be mailed by June 3o.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Sonya made this cute as a button little paper-pieced rainbow block to contribute to Donna’s “Mining for Rainbows” quilt project. If you’re inspired, Donna would love to have any 6″ (unfinished) blocks you can contribute for her project. The only requirement in addition to the size is that it should be your interpretation of “rainbow”.


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Bev has kindly and thankfully agreed to be the lead on our QuiltCon 2017 Charity Quilt project. We’re excited to learn what we’re going to make!

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Don’t forget our Sewcial Day on June 11th at Prairie Chicks in Warman!  If you didn’t get your name on the sign up sheet and you still want to come, send an email to SMQG.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra


Some members shared with us some beautiful fabric!

Sonya brought these! Pretty colours from the Wink line  from Mod Basics 3 by Birch Organics. She also showed us the whole range of the beautiful Whisper line by Lizzy House. It’s been really difficult to get a sense of these from the online photos so to see them IRL is wonderful! Thanks, Sonya! They are so much more than just “whispery” in real life. There are some soft colourings as well as some glitter. The photos just don’t do them justice.


Sherry brought these beautiful linens (or linen-like) fabrics from her trip to India at Christmas. They are lovely!


Quilted Bar detail Tarra


Many bee blocks were made and turned in for Bee Round #1. For Bee #1 (1 block to be made) for Kelly who asked is planning to make a wonky bento box quilt …

For Bee #2 (2 blocks to made) for Sheila, who wants a “plus/cross” block in any size using low volume with a shot of colour …

Next month for Bee #2, Nicole’s inspiration block is a low-volume triangle with hits of red/navy/black with a charity quilt in mind for a teenage boy.  See details here.

For Bee #1, Heather has asked for strips (not blocks) of triangles. Any size, wonky, straight, tall and skinny, short and wide, using low-volume with pops of colour. Here is her inspiration strip. See details here.

SMQG Bee Quilt Triangle Starter Strip

Quilted Bar detail Tarra


Lots of beautiful hand-mades to see!

Darla made this two beautiful bags. She called on some experienced zipper sewers for some suggestions.


Jen made these three sewing kits for some young girls she is close to and who are moving. They are adorable and full of sewing supplies suited to their ages and interests.35-P1050585

Jen is making this soft-toned quilt for her Mom. Jen and her Mom have made quilts for everyone in their families … all the nieces and nephews but nobody has made a quilt for Jen’s Mom. So Jen is on it. She chose fabrics and colours she feels will compliment her Mom’s home and tastes. She will most certainly LOVE it, Jen!


Patti made a sweet little patchwork case for her iPad.


What’s not to love about Sonya’s Tula Pink tuffet?! So cute and colourful!


Several of our guild members are also members of a birthday club. Those in our guild combined their talents to make this pretty quilt for a member from somewhere else.


Kelly has a niece who LOVES Dr. Who, so she is going to go gaga over this computer bag Kelly made for her!


Sherry made a cover for her sewing machine! SWEET!!


She also made this little quilt and then …


… she made this GIANT quilt top that will be for her bed. Now on to the quilting!


Sherry’s been busy! She also made this beach bag just in time for such great weather!


Barbara made this amazing gift for her grandson using his hockey jerseys! She included a Sharks jersey, his favourite team! He will LOVE this!


While Heather gave her finished zigzag baby quilt away before the meeting, here are a couple of photos.

I couldn’t resist this final shot of Sonya’s tuffet and her stack of Whisper fabrics! I want to live at Sonya’s house!


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

** Note: The rainbow divider bars are details from Tara’s rainbow log cabin quilt.

April 24, 2016 Meeting

What an exciting meeting we had today! So much going on and even some new faces! Settle in for a photo and information rich post!

Our co-chairs, Darla and Nicole, recapped the March meeting and made some announcements.

For those participating in the Riley Blake Challenge, the fabric finally arrived (much later than anticipated leaving only a month to meet the challenge deadline). The fabric will be distributed but there will no requirement to meet the deadline given the late arrival of the fabric.


If you are interested in road-tripping with other members to the Regina quilt show on Saturday, May 7, please email before May 1. The general plan is to leave around 9:00 a.m., have lunch in Regina, spend some time at the show followed by a little bit of shopping at some Regina fabric shops, and then back to Saskatoon … probably in time for dinner. Nicole is putting together a fun scavenger hunt for those who are going.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

If you want to attend the Sewcial Day at Prairie Chicks in Warman on June 11 (9:30 to 5:30) and haven’t already signed up, please send Sheila an email.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Denyse brought the following announcement to the group:

N Jefferson Ltd, a wholesaler who provides notions to Century Textiles in Saskatoon, has announced a contest! Entrants must submit a mini quilt made with the theme “The Roaring 20’s”. Quilts will be judged on creativity and originality of design. First prize is $500 notions credit from Century Textiles,  second prize is $300 notions credit from Century Textiles, and 3rd prize is $200 notions credit from Century Textiles

  • Quilts must have been completed between March 31 and June 30, 2016.
  • Quilt size: no smaller than 12″ x 12″ and no larger than 24″ x 36″.
  • Quilts may be quilted by hand, machine, or both.
  • Quilts must be submitted via hi-res photo by Century Textiles

See the contest poster front here and the details here.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Heather circulated brochures and forms for those interested in submitting quilts for the Handmade Showcase at the Saskatoon Exhibition in August. If you are interested and need more information, please email Heather.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Donna, a new member who, in addition to being a quilter is also an engineer, has requested 6″ rainbow blocks that will be made into a quilt that will be drawn for at a conference in the fall with proceeds going to a yet to be chosen organization that supports women and children. She welcomes 6″ rainbow blocks (any interpretation of a rainbow) from anyone, not just our guild members. Please email Donna if you have any questions or would like to get some blocks to her. Feel free to use prints and/or solids.


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Monika Kinner-Whalen, an embroidery artist, “Unravelled the Mysteries of Thread” for our members today. So interesting! She talked about different thread weights and their purpose and she talked about different types of threads … cotton, polyester, rayon, silk, etc. She talked about how thread is made and explained what “mercerized” and “double gassed” means and why it matters. She dispelled some of the myths many of us have about cotton vs polyester threads and encouraged us to experiment. There was a lot of useful information. Take a look at Monika’s website, My Sweet Prairie, and see the amazing thread painting she does!


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Monika showed us her own very sweet little baby blanket. She re-discovered it a few years ago. It was quite shredded and falling apart so she carefully washed it, rebacked and rebinded it, and then put a layer of tulle over the front (to prevent further deterioration of the cottons that were falling apart) and used embellishing stitches over the whole thing. She then made a label to honour the woman, now gone, who made it for her. The little quilt now hangs on a wall in her home. What a great way to preserve something so dear.


She showed us how the polyester fabrics in the quilt have maintained their colour whereas the cotton fabrics have not only lost colour but some have all but disappeared. In the detail below, the 2nd block down is (was) cotton and the only thing left of it are some threads hanging on the edges. What you’re seeing is the batting!


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Sheila announced details about a new guild activity! A BEE! We’ve never done one within our guild before. It should be fun! A sign-up sheet was passed around and Sheila will organize us all into hives, assign a Queen to each month and then the fun will begin. All details, once we have them, will be made available on the website under what will be a new “BEE” page. Watch for it.

Sheila showed us what will be her starter block for her bee. Blacks, whites, greys, with a hit of a colour.


Quilted Bar detail Tarra

Some members brought some BOOKS and BOLTS to share with the group.

Flo brought two books about free-motion quilting that she has been using to further expand her skills. “Free-Motion Machine Quilting” by Don Linn is, according to Flo, very good for FMQ beginners. Now that Flo is well beyond a beginner, she is particularly inspired by the book “Quilting Wide Open Spaces” by Judi Madsen. Flo is going to make one of the quilts in her book and then quilt each block as instructed by Judy. By the time she’s done, Flo will have mastered a lot of new FMQ designs! Other members confirmed that if you have a chance to do a workshop with Judi Madsen, it’s well worth it.


Lisa showed us a stack fat quarters she recently picked up on Massdrop … “because her husband liked them”! They are a Cloud 9 organic fabric: “Moody Blues” by Geninne, an artist from New Mexico perhaps best known for her painted birds. So pretty!


Sonya, too, had some beautiful fabric to show! Believe me, the photo doesn’t do them justice. The softness of some of them in particular is amazing! Buttery! They are, left to right …

  • Kokka double gauze
  • Andover purple chambray
  • Striped linen (not sure of the details)
  • Nani Iro double gauze
  • Cotton and Steel rayon
  • Cotton and Steel cotton lawn
  • Liberty cotton lawn


Sheila and Heather both brought the magazine, “Make It! Patchwork (Summer 2016)“, which has several interesting projects in it. If you follow the above link, you’ll see photos of all the project in the issue. Heather also brought the magazine “Weekend Quilting, 2016“, with some nice projects in it, too. Heather bought both of hers at London Drugs and Sheila bought hers at Indigo. If you would like to borrow either of these magazines, please contact Heather.

Quilted Bar detail Tarra

And now, Show and Tell!

Sheila showed our Charity Quilt, which recently came back from being shown at QuiltCon in Pasadena. It will next be shown at the Regina quilt show and at the Saskatoon Exhibition’s Saskatchewan Art Showcase before making its way to Ronald MacDonald House where it will be given to someone who needs it.


Tarra showed us the sweet cover she made for her Quilter’s Diary. There are zippers and pockets and Tarra explained what she learned while making this and what she would do differently next time. The pattern includes sizes for different kinds of notebooks. Of course, that’s a “Tarra-made” dress she’s wearing!


Barbara showed us a quilt she recently made using a pattern in the book, “Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe“. Barbara’s favourite part is the free motion quilting and this quilt left lots of room for showcasing her quilting. She likes to make a matching pillow for her quilts.


Flo had two quilts to show. First her chevron quilt, which she said came together quite easily … until she decided to use some of the leftovers in a diagonal across the back. She said it was a real headache to figure out but it does look great.


Flo’s 2nd quilt is one she’s been working on for quite a while. She had decided that applique would be something she could do easily while she travels, which she does a lot of. And here is the result! Appliqued daffodil AND her first try at quilting fmq feathers! They look great, Flo!


Sheila made this vibrant paper-pieced butterfly and set in on an angle. It’s a gift that will be gone before our next meeting so this was our only opportunity to see it.


Heather showed a zig-zag baby quilt top that she recently finished. It’s a little large for a baby quilt, but that’s just what happened. She very bravely chose NOT to trim her HSTs and, tada, it all came together perfectly much to her surprise! She pieced the back just in time for the meeting. The baby is due any day, so she hopes to get the quilting done within the next week or two. Since it will, hopefully, be finished and delivered before the next meeting, she thought best to show what there is of it now.


Sonya made a beautiful new dress! Love the fireflies and the trim on the pockets! Adorable!


Patti (left) has been busy making a variety of bags. She made several sweet lined drawstring bags and a very cute and springy little purse!


Nicole made this mini very effectively using ombre fabric.


Sheila recently had a birthday and was gifted with some special things from members of the “birthday club”. She went gaga over these quiltish napkins and over the divided baskets Darla made using a Noodlehead pattern. Darla found the canvas for the outside of the baskets at Century Textiles in Saskatoon. There are so many other goodies Sheila got from the “birthday club” group! How fun! Happy birthday, Sheila!


And here we all are! What a great meeting!


Quilted Bar detail TarraLog cabin Quilt detail divider bar by Tarra

March 27, 2016 Meeting

With our meeting falling on Easter Sunday, I wasn’t sure if anyone would show up at all. BUT, they did! The group was a bit smaller than usual but still a surprisingly good number! With most of us needing to get home for Easter dinners we kept the meeting short.

Members had some projects to show off!


Darla talked about the Sugar Block Club to which she has subscribed. It’s a block of the month series hosted by Amy of Stitchery Dickory Dock. Above is one of the blocks.


Bev brought some beautiful work in solids to show us! Above is her traveling quilt! The blocks were made by members using their choices from a bunch of solids supplied by Bev. We were to make improv trees. Bev has since added some of her own to finish the top. Don’t you love the little house in the forest?

There were lots of scraps of solids left over and so Bev whipped up the beauty below!


Lisa is working on an Easter backpack. Such cute bunny fabric. There are still some raw edges to stitch and some straps to add.


Dahlias hold special meaning to Sonya and so she is making this brilliant version of a Dahlia. Her process description was fascinating. She is always trying something new.

You can find the free pattern at Betukbandi. And here you will find the Jaya Paperless Method that Sonya used. Apparently it’s “super easy”! Sonya talked, too, about how she added the outside fabric. I don’t think I quite understood but it sounds brilliant and also “super easy”.


Donna made this sweet table runner and the yellow and grey quilt below.


Here is some oh, so modern applique done by Kerri!


While it’s hard to make out Sheila’s cross stitch design below, the photo looked so ethereal, I just had to share it anyway. Sheila is making this beautiful mandala cross-stitch as a gift for a friend. She advises that stitching on black is much more difficult than on white.


Nicole showed us this beautiful ombre fabric. She is combining it with these Tula hexies for what will surely be a gorgeous finish.


Our Quilt Show – The Photo Album

Enjoy the show!

Kristin and Elizabeth took a turn as greeters!

Elizabeth and Kristin SMQG Quilt Show March 2016

Tarra co-ordinated the concession which included goods baked by our member volunteers. She and Kim are here with the goods!


The mini quilt display sponsored by Periwinkle Quilting & Beyond.


Our traveling quilt display was sponsored by the 440 Quilt Shop.

Five members completed their traveling quilts in time for the show. As explanation, traveling quilts started with a member providing a block and some guidelines that could range from very loose to very restrictive. Each month the quilt passed to a new member who would then add a block and pass it on next month until the quilt came back to the member who started it. Each member then had the fun of putting their quilt pieces all together. These are the results.

Lisa’s on the right.


Kim’s first traveling quilt.




Tarra’s. Here Tarra also models a dress she made.


Kim’s second traveling quilt.


Some of our coolest and youngest visitors had obvious favourites.

Lily at SMQG Quilt Show March 2016Coolest Kid at SMQG Quilt Show March 2016

Because we don’t use drapes behind our quilts for the show, we get this wonderful effect of seeing many quilts at once.



If you have any questions about our show or any of the individual quilts, just contact us!

Charlie Harper Quilt by Patti109-P1040734-001098-P1050006-001085-P1040991-001087-P1040993-001



073-P1040976-001064-P1040964-001051-Jaclyn's Fractal Quilt SMQG Quilt Show March 2016-001037-P1050058-001





We have a few members who sew clothes in additional to quilts.

Tarra loves to sew clothes for herself and for her family. She’s wearing one of her dresses and she displayed several of the ones she’s made for herself and for her daughter.


Dyanne made the patchwork jacket below.


And then it was over!

3-Quilt Show Take Down March 2016SMQG Quilt Show 2016 Finished

We hope you’ve enjoyed the show and that you’ll plan to come to our 2018 show.

Photo credits to Sheila and Heather.