January 2023 Meeting Review

The Saskatoon MQG met on January 22nd for a sew day at Home Inn & Suites. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to present “Quilting Rocks”. It was fun for me to combine my work with my hobby. I appreciated all of the questions. Any time that I can pull out samples of rock to share the message that “If it isn’t grown, it is mined” is a good day for me. I hope I relayed that we can not do our hobby without Earth’s resources.

We kicked off traveling quilts and it is going to be so much fun to see the blocks. The idea was suggested that everyone from our guild provide one block (even if not participating in traveling quilts) and that we make a charity quilt at years’ end. We also have tons of interest for a retreat at Queen’s House on March 25/26. Members, watch your email for details. We are receiving so many requests for membership at this time and our meeting space is limited. So we are starting a waiting list until our past members renew and we can evaluate if there is enough room for more.

So many beautiful projects were shared. We are so excited that Roxanne shared Kawandi Quilting with us. This was new to all of us and now we are hoping Roxanne will teach us. She shared a book by Sujata Shah on the topic and told us about Margaret Fabrizio. The basket below is by HandyMum and is a free pattern. So much of our quilting this month was using scraps. A scrap quilter to check out is Terry Roland. Linda and I were both working on “Film at 5”. I love the pattern. Thanks for introducing it to me!

Next meeting is February 26 at Home Inn & Suites. You must renew your annual membership for $60 by end-of-February or you could lose your spot. We are going to send out a survey to see if people prefer the meeting time to be 1:00-3:00 or 2:00-4:00. Also, we will check if there is interest in moving our meetings to the 3rd Sunday of each month. Happy sewing!

November 2022 Meeting Review

The Saskatoon MQG met on November 27th for a sew day and a virtual trunk show by Cheryl Arkison. This was hosted at Home Inn & Suites. We all loved Cheryl’s presentation. One of the huge takeaways was that she helped us to widen our definition of improv. Definitely a great presentation where we all gained a deeper perspective on our approaches to quilting (i.e. our love language)!

Next meeting is January 22nd at Home Inn & Suites. It will be time to renew your annual membership for $60. We voted to do travelling quilts and this will start in January. So far, Donna, Margaret, Claire, Barbara, Linda, Pam and Aileen have signed up. If anyone else is interested, please email saskatoonmqg@gmail.com. Happy holidays and looking forward to seeing everyone in 2023!