Oct 27th Meeting Recap

Sometimes, about a week after an event, we like a reminder of what we did. And that way, folks who couldn’t make it or who were too dadgum tired to move after the hectic quilt show weekend still get to have a taste of the fun.

We were missing a few regular faces (understandable, what with the dadgum-ness and all!) but we also had 3 (count ’em- 3!) new ones!

During our business segment, we discussed out upcoming changes – we’re adding bylaws, joining the giant international Modern Quilt Guild, and probably needing a few more officers! We also gained a new sponsor:

Personal Hearing Services in Saskatoon!  Personal Hearing Services joins Periwinkle Quilting as one of our fabulous supporters.  Look for a sponsors page coming soon!

Next, our lovely Kelly taught us how to make fabric baskets using clothesline and strips of fabric.

Kelly’s showing her skills and Edith’s taking note!

We had all admired the basket she made for our Ugly Fat Quarter challenge and she was cool enough to teach it to us !

She showed us what to look for in a cording, the angle to wrap the fabric, how to join the wrapped cords together… everything we needed to make beautiful baskets of our own.

We took notes and hovered closely!

Kerrie pays close attention.

Thank you, Kelly!

Then we moved onto the results of our Colour Scheme challenge and Show&Tell:

Lisa’s Monochrome Pillow

Patti’s Complimentary Potholder

 Julie’s ROYGBIV Oops!Bank with real fabric!! So cute.

Dyanne made monochrome pouches, that are complimentary to each other. A two-fer!

Sheila thought if she waved her bee block quickly, I couldn’t catch it in pixels. Ha!

A complimentary cushion. Blue and orange? Who could that be…


Jaclyn’s Analogous bee block.

Great job on the challenge, gals!

Julie’s Halloween runner.

With spiderweb quilting!

A Christmas runner – which I will be copying after a request from my mum. 🙂

Patti’s bee quilt all finished!

The back.

Now that’s all the photos I had on my camera – apologies if I missed anyone or got the wrong name attached to anything!

Next Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 7pm, we’ve got our regular informal meeting at Greystone Co-op – bring some handwork or show&tell.  And don’t forget that we’ll be voting on some important guild business at our next Sunday meeting – Nov. 24th at 2pm, Periwinkle Quilting.  Your “Unexpected Fabrics” challenge pieces are due that day, too!

It is also not too late to get in our Sewcial on Dec 1st! We’ve booked a space, and while you do need to be a Saskatoon MQG member to attend, right now it’s only $5 for membership until the end of 2013. That’s a sweet deal – and then you can hang out with us and sew until your machine starts smoking! We would like to have  numbers within the next two weeks or so in order to plan for lunch and snacks so if you haven’t decided yet, what are you waiting for??? There will be door prizes…. And mirth. 

Have a wonderful week  – we’ll see you soon!

4 thoughts on “Oct 27th Meeting Recap

  1. Thanks for sharing. I was one of those who was just too tired after the Quilt Show. It’s nicer see what I missed, and sad to have missed seeing all this in person.


  2. I, too, was too dadgum SPENT to get to the meeting on Sunday what with everything and everything else! I’m especially disappointed to have missed the basket making demonstration because I want to make some of those before Christmas. I’ll have to get someone’s notes. Maybe someone will show me at next Wednesday? All the completed projects look fantastic. Patti – that’s frickin’ amazing! Again! Dang you!


  3. Ooo. Your chapter has decided to join the BIG MQG?! Wow. How did you reach that decision? What do you need to do in Canada that’s different than in the US? Do you need an EIN to join? Tell me more. Linda, leader of the Central Florida MQG that’s not a national chapter.


    • Hey there! Did Carly talk to you? Anyway we did decide to join, yes 🙂 We did not need an EIN as we do not get charitable status here. The dues are less and we don’t get as many benefits. We had a lovely sponsor agree to pay our dues for the first year so that was a big help!


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