July Meeting Recap & August Meeting Reminder

Also known as a “two-fer”. 🙂  Scroll down for August meeting details.

Somehow, regardless of what’s going on in the outside world, it’s nice to find a comfortable place to gather together and talk quilty.

Our July meeting was filled with inspiration!  We talked about our mini swaps, Jaclyn presented on value, started anticipating the travelling quilts project and had the joy of  a new member! Woo-hoo!

Kim had a mittful to show-off!  Why is it that pillows make me so happy?

Edith dabbled in herringbone.

Michelle’s hexagons Union Jacks are coming along nicely.

Erin will keep herself well-contained with the bag and baskets she brought to show.

Dyanne tried out matchstick quilting and fell in love.

Lisa always has something lovely to show off.

Jaclyn’s shot cotton quilt was so squooshy!

Kelly got funky with Denyse Schmidt.

And I made placemats for our modern borders challenge and apparently couldn’t figure out how to lay them flat for a photograph…

My real challenge this month was taking photos. For every beverage container you see, there’s a dozen that were cropped out.  This is why I let other folks take the pictures – I’m amazed that my thumb didn’t have a cameo!

Hopefully, regardless of my photo-snapping prowess, you’re excited about popping by our meeting tomorrow, Aug 24 – 2pm at Periwinkle on Broadway!

We’ll be addressing the guidelines for our travelling quilts project (a round robin which starts Sept 28th) so if you’re thinking of participating, you can get the information first-hand. We will send out the details to our membership via email as well but it’ll be easier to ask questions in person.  Each participant will have to bring their starter piece at next month’s meeting to pass on to the next person.  At the end, everyone should have a top (or close to a top) that is entirely unique and has a piece made by everyone else – how cool is that?

And don’t forget that our batting and interfacing challenge is due tomorrow.  Looking forward to see everyone!

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