November 22, 2015 Meeting

At our November meeting, Sonya showed the group the quilting software EQ7.  She demonstrated the features and benefits of the software, such as the endless amount of quilt blocks to choose from and fabric library it has built in so that you can mix and match colours to create the perfect block.  And the best part, it will print the pattern, cutting instructions and fabric yardage required for each colour selected based on quilt size!  It will also print paper piecing patterns for the block.  Very Cool! Thanks, Sonya!

As usual, Show & Tell is a meeting highlight that everyone looks forward to.

Dyanne made a nice table runner with applique leaves and lots of negative space.  She stitched the leaves with great contrasting thread that shows up on the backing.

11-Dyanne made a great neg space table runner

1-back of table runner

Edith made a large warm and fuzzy quilt with flannel blocks on the front, batting, and a minky backing.  This is a nice heavy quilt for a cold winter day!  It was quilted by a local long arm quilter.

12-Edith made huge warm and fuzzy quilt

At the weekend retreat at Shekinah, Jaclyn finished large-sized baby quilts at lightning speed.

14-Jaclyn quilt - show and tell

16-Jaclyn's quilt show and tell

Erin made two sew-together bags for Christmas gifts and brought them to show everyone.  She did a really great job with all of those pockets and great fabric choices.

13-Erin made two sew together bags for gifts

Tarra used her Shekinah retreat time to make “Washi dresses”. She made 2 each for her daughter and herself using very cute Christmas themed fabric and (hilariously) washi fabric! They must be the best dressed girls in the neighbourhood!

02-more cute dresses03-tarra made cute christmas dresses for her and her daughter

Sheila’s traveling quilt is gorgeous! She quilted it herself on the new long-arm machine (Lucy) at Periwinkle.  Her quilt theme was bright saturated colours with dark and light neutral backgrounds.  All of the members who made her blocks did an amazing job of bringing this quilt to life! Sheila filled in the gaps with strips and blocks of her own devising.

07-sheila's TQR1 top quilted

This is the back of Sheila’s quilt.09-sheila's quilt back

Several traveling quilt blocks were made and exchanged.

This “harvest moon” by Sonya for Darla’s “prairie quilt” is enchanting!

05-Sonya's block for Darla TQR2

Tarra made, also for Darla’s “prairie quilt”, what appears to be a house and trees in a blizzard! Very Saskatchewany  The choice of the white on white bike path fabric is brilliant for a snowy sky.

04-Tarra's block for Darla TQR2

Lisa crafted some lightning in a dark sky for Darla’s “prairie quilt”.

01-LIsa's block for Darla TQR2

Jaclyn made these bright blocks for Tarra’s traveling quilt.

15-jaclyn's blocks for tarra TQR2

Darla made this block for Jaclyn’s traveling quilt.

10-Darla's block for Jaclyn TQR2

Nicole made this one for … you guessed it … Jaclyn’s traveling quilt!

08-Nicole's block for Jaclyn TQR2

Thanks, Darla, for taking photos and providing commentary! — Heather

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