June 26, 2016 Meeting

We had cramped quarters this meeting! It was difficult to get good photos!

Darla gave us a very informative talk about marking tools. She handed out dark and light fabric swatches so we could try the various kinds. It was helpful to have members throw in their 2 cents, too! I now feel much less afraid to use certain products on a treasured quilt top. Thanks, Darla! That was a great presentation!


In case we didn’t already know, Darla reminded us to make sure to test any marking tool on some scrap fabric first to see if it disappears as expected. And just because it works well on one fabric doesn’t mean it will work on another.  We tried Crayola washable markers, a variety of chalk markers, including the “stencil and pounce” method, tracing paper and wheel, . We experimented with a variety of marking pens and pencils, and the hera marker. For more information about marking tools, you might want to read, Sewing Essentials: A Guide to Fabric Marking Tools by Andrea Brown on the Craftsy Blog, this blog post from Linda Matthews, and this blog post by Lori Kennedy.


Patti ER showed us some of her latest fabric acquisitions: Burly Beavers by Andie Hanna for Robert Kaufman. Very Canadian! I know my son would like some boxers out of these.


Kelly brought a new book for us to check out. It’s Patchwork Essentials: The Half-Square Triangle by Jeni Baker. She bought it for this particular idea.



Members of Hive #1 brought their strips of triangles for Heather.

Erin is the next Queen Bee for Hive #1 and she’s asking for scrappy strip-pieced blocks.


Members of Hive #2 brought their scrappy triangle boy blocks for Nicole.


Lisa is the next Queen Bee for Hive #2 and she’s asking for fishy blocks on navy. How cute are these??!!


You can find information about both Bees by clicking on the links at the top of the page.


People brought maple leaf blocks for Darla to send away. They’ll be made into quilts for people impacted by the fires in and around Fort MacMurray.

People also brought rainbow blocks for Donna’s Mining for Rainbows quilt project that will be displayed in the new Children’s Science Museum when it opens.


Lisa and Heather have agreed to put together a quilt with member contributions for people impacted by the terrible incident in Orlando Florida at the Pulse nightclub. A few heart blocks trickled in at this meeting. Hopefully there will be more at our July meeting.

Show & Tell

Show and Tell moved along at a furious pace and I can no longer remember which quilt belonged to who in some cases. Forgive my fried memory! I’ll do my best. Feel free to send me updates and corrections.

Barbara made this cool travel sleeve for a curling iron. In fact, she’s made several by now because they’ve been very much in demand. And how sweet is this?! It matches the travel bag she also made!

Sonya! Oh, Sonya! She picked up a banged up, old suitcase for $1 at a garage sale and then covered it in some very sweet Japanese themed fabrics. Then she made a bunch of adorable little doll clothes that fit in the suitcase along with her daughter’s dolls! What a lucky little girl! Oh, and of course, Sonya also made the beautiful, breezy dress she’s wearing. She made it using super soft and light double gauze.


And, of course, she dug into her Liberty of London stash to make this pretty dresden!


Tara made this sweet baby quilt for a little boy. And, of course, she made what she’s wearing, too – a very cute summer top. I so admire our members who make clothes and so many other things in addition to quilts.

Heather had this wedding quilt flimsy to show. The bride chose several of the fabrics and she wanted triangles. Next up, backing and quilting. It will only be a year late!


Edith had a special dog in mind when she put together this doggie mat. CUTE!!


Edith also made this awesome whale quilt. Those are a lot of whales she made! I SO LOVE that she put a single red whale in the mix.


Lisa has been collecting these X & + blocks for a long time now and she’s finally put them together into a very cool quilt top! So many special fabrics to find in there.


Elizabeth’s Mom made this incredible Gypsy Wife quilt. The colours are so rich! Elizabeth quilted it for her on Lucey, the long arm machine at Periwinkle.


I’m amazed at how quickly Patti ER put together this quilt top. It looks complicated but she said it wasn’t too challenging. It’s beautiful!


Flo, who amazes with what she’s able to accomplish, finished this gorgeous sampler quilt! Look at all those different blocks she made! She’s especially proud of her accomplishments with the quilting. Flo dedicated this year to becoming a more proficient and versatile machine quilter and it’s amazing what she’s been able to do! I’m both encouraged and humbled!


Kim! Love this quilt she made for a teacher gift. She always makes the teacher a quilt. I’ll bet the teachers at school have a lottery to see who gets to teach her son! Notice her great quilting on this, too. She’s been advancing her skills on Longarm Lucey!


Donna put together this very sweet hexagon quilt for a little girl.


Donna came across some vintage hexagon flowers and made them into this quilt top. Very cool to rescue old quilts blocks and make them beautiful and useful again.


We had three little guests at this meeting. Jacklyn and Nicole brought their baby girls for their first guild meet & greet and Sheila brought a sleepy Claire, who by now should be an honorary member!

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