June Meeting Review

We hosted our second meeting in Beuna Vista Park on June 28th and it was absolutely lovely. We will continue in the park in July and August because the location really can’t be beat. Dyanne led the educational portion of the meeting with a talk on art quilting. She always says she isn’t a quilter but her work says otherwise. It is absolutely gorgeous! She is so artistic and talented and it was a true treat to hear the inspiration behind her pieces. This photo captures a glimpse of the setting and Dyanne (left) and our Chair Charlene (right).

We are planning to be informal on July 26th. We are hoping that those that come will share a technique. So if you are available, start thinking of something you can share for the educational part of the meeting. Don’t stress about it because any tips are great. Even in going back to the basics, that could spark an interesting conversation for all. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer, even if it is a little bit different than what may have been planned.

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