May 2014 Meeting Recap

Let’s pretend it’s May okay? Not buying it? Okay well how about the first week of June? I’d like to take you back to that time when Saskatoon was just exploding into summer…are you there? Good. Now let’s do our May meeting recap!

Edith and Dyanne did a wonderful joint presentation on borders and squaring . We learned many helpful tips including how to avoid cutting your foot, and how to use borders in a modern quilt. Here is Edith showing us how it’s done:

May 2014 Meeting

We also talked about…yeah I can’t remember anymore.

But we did see some beautiful quilts including the results of our WIP challenge (we saw a few more too but for some reason many of the photos did not turn out):

May 2014 Meeting-2

May 2014 Meeting-3

May 2014 Meeting-4

May 2014 Meeting-5

May 2014 Meeting-6

Next up June! Sorry to make you wait so long this time.

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